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Syntropic Agro Forestry part of OMG-One Million Greens at Aamte Village

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Green Saviours Association has been working for 258 consecutive Sundays on tree plantation in and around Belagavi since April 2016.

The team has commenced a project called “OMG-One Million Greens”, with the objective of planting 10 lakh trees in the Western Ghats region in the Belagavi-Khanapur-Chorla belt.

As part of the project, the Green Saviours are working with people in Aamte Village to set up “Syntropic Agro-Forestry” farms.

The team has identified 12 farmers who will be converting half to one-acre plots into plantations with around 25 species of trees including fruiting trees, spices, medicinal plants and native trees with intercropping.

To begin work on the same, planting material for 2900 Banana and 3500 Pineapple were distributed to the collaborating farmers and villagers for free.

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The Green Saviours team will be working on multiple such welfare initiatives and the villagers will be providing seeds and saplings of native species.

These saplings will be used for afforestation, especially to create forests in and around the village. As part of the OMG-One Million Greens, the Green Saviours Association looks forward to collaborating with other villages in the region. The Green Saviours team extends its gratitude to ISCKON and the Aamte Village Panchayat members.

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  1. The Most Commendable Project undertaken since 2016 by this association and thanks to the people of Aamte village for their cooperation in this venture. Wishing everybody involved here ALL THE BEST for their future……….


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