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Take action against unauthorized hoardings/banners/flex

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Bogarves, Photo: Akash Patil
Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle Photo: Akash Patil

The UpaLokayukta Justice Subhash B Adi, has instructed the Commissioner of the city corporation to take strict action against unauthorized hoardings/banners/flex and remove the same immediately.

Any disfigurement of public place is an offense under the Karnataka Open places (Prevention of Disfigurement) act 1981, hence the commissioner has been instructed to strictly abide by said rules and see to it that no such unauthorized hoardings/Banners/Flex come up gain at public places.
With the Assembly session at the corner and with VIP and VVIPs visiting the city all such banners must be removed.

1 thought on “Take action against unauthorized hoardings/banners/flex”

  1. Well there is also such hoarding near globe theater circle, right where the traffic police stands on the platform. This hoarding in triangular in shape and is really dangerous. When you are coming from direction St. Xaviers School and want to take a right turn and join the traffic going in the direction towards the bridge, because of this hoarding you cannot see the oncoming vehicles in opposite direction. When you are waiting to take a turn and especially when you are in a car you have to come forward to have the line of sight and this obstructs the oncoming traffic.
    So request the traffic police to remove this hoarding or shift the traffic post so you get a good view.
    Not a big thing I hope the traffic police will act on this.

    Here in India people are also not so considerate to wait and give way to people who want to turn. Everyone is in a hurry. People should change their attitude and be considerate towards fellow persons taking part in traffic as riders, drivers etc.
    Also another example is near Kaplieshwar railway gate. When the gates reopen after the train has crossed people escape the barricade and come towards the right side to go ahead. Why the police is not catching the people who violate the rules. Also taking into consideration the width of the road which is just 15-20 feet, the width of the barricade is nearly 1 to 1.5 feet. Instead of the barricades if the authorities put some pipe structure or any appropriate structure which is less in width it will help a bit to resolve the traffic situation, I guess. When the traffic police are strict people obey rules if not it will continue like this. Again a attitude change is required for the people.

    When is the bridge work starting……………………….never ending story


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