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Talent Onions from Belgaum

 Every Business is Different. We want to get to know yours.

This is the buzzword of ‘Talent Onions’, a Belgaum based provider of Internet recruitment and job search solutions.

‘Talent Onions’, launched in July 2007 and in a span of time, ‘Talent Onions’ has made its mark in this very competitive but qualitative field of Internet recruitment and job search solutions.


Aadil Bandukwala, Chief Evangelist of ‘Talent Onions’ told this blog that he wanted to make ‘Talent Onions’ a number one Internet job portal company.

They are innovative business solution experts and help organizations Evaluate, Implement, and evolve the sourcing strategy that is right for their businesses. They provide a comprehensive range of Recruitment and Business Consulting Services and support the recruitment specific efforts in every stage of our client’s sourcing lifecycle.Their mission is to add value to HR by delivering HR services and solutions that maximize the value of people. Everything they do enables HR to make a real commercial impact and improve our clients’ business performance. They endeavor to successfully collaborate with organizations in their vision of empowering the most critical and valuable asset in their Human Resources at an optimized time and cost.

A brief interview with Aadil Bandukwala, Chief Evangelist:

How did you get an idea of starting ‘Talent Onions’?
Leading Minds [my first start up] was going steady and I was on the look out for something to add to my basket. One of my professors one day got in touch stating that he needed to source talent from Belgaum for his company and questioned whether I was interested in exploring possibilities. I marched in. And we started Talent Onions.

Why is that you planned it to start from Belgaum? A place like Bangalore would have been much more rewarding.
I have been born and brought up in Belgaum. My parents live here. I know people here. I like my town. I love this place. Why would I move to Bangalore or any other metro – which is virtually unknown to me? Besides, the Internet has done wonders to today’s economy and you can connect to the world from even the remotest of places. In addition, Belgaum has some rock solid potential and human talent that begging to be utilized.

How is that you work?
For every business, we have a different sourcing strategy. The cements business for example is quite technical in nature and hence you need many civil professionals. On the other hand, the telecom business is contrary in nature where in you need hardcore telephony guys. Hence, for each function like marketing or finance or engineering we have independent sourcing strategies. Obviously, we prefer to keep our business model discreet else wise there would not be any tactical advantages!

How many if not exact, but on general number of placements and clients you have added?
Cannot reveal this but one thing I can reveal is that when we started, we started with only one client. Now we have a kitty of over 15 clients of which four are constant in nature.

How many employees do you have?
I have 8 full time employees and 1 Part timer. Plus me. Therefore, that makes us a team of 10.

What plans do you have for further expansion?
We plan to make it big some day in the recruitment space and add more human capital and financial muscle to Talent Onions. We have very recently finished installing a recruitment automation application that is similar to an ERP for recruitment consultants. I hope that this will enhance efficiency and resourcefulness and will increase our client base at least three fold. We should also be able to cut lead-time in delivering solutions to our clients by over 40%. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Leading Minds, your first company what does it do and how has it helped you to start ‘Talent Onions’?
Leading Minds is an Internet consulting venture where in we build web applications. Leading Minds funded talent Onions. More on Leading Minds, here: http://www.leadingminds.co.in/

Wish the Onions a great taste of success.
More on Talent Onions here: http://www.talentonions.com/

Its time I suppose for us Belgaumites to think Higher and acheive our goals. What can I do from Belgaum ? Should not be the approach.
Say, I can do a lot from Belgaum.


  1. this is probably one of the examples how each one of us can contribute towards development of our city … some taking it directly on their own … some taking an indirect way … a city like belgaum which is quite old ,but still young for development, young entrepreneurs have huge scope….
    i would like congratulate Mr. Aadil Bandukwala.

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