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Tallest National Flag brought down after its damaged by strong winds

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The Tallest National monumental Flag installed at the Fort lake premises was brought down this evening after it was found damaged.

This is the third time that the Flag had to be brought down and then replaced with a new one.


With strong winds the flag tore is what sources told and hence the flag was brought down.



7 thoughts on “Tallest National Flag brought down after its damaged by strong winds”

  1. The funds spent on the flag would have better been utilised for the betterment of the people of belgaum…So many issues in the so called smart city..

  2. I had warned about the maintenance issue with such a huge flag. Let’s see what the politician, who to the lead in installing the flag, will do now.

  3. The imp thing is to remind them is that flag has is own dignity and they r hoisting where ever they it’s to be hoist on Republic day or Independence day or some imp day if necessary..By hoisting this flag I feel they DC has to think over it and take some action as its shame to do showoff for belgaumites to loose flag dignity..


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