WORLD ART DAY on Sunday at Belagavi

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WORLD ART DAY is being celebrated all over the world on 15th April on the occasion of great master Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s birth anniversary.

Art Affairs and Varna Nirantar in association with Cantonment board have come forward to celebrate this day for the second year.

Artists of Belagavi will be coming together to paint live on this day at Cantonment board campus, Opp to Alfa Honda Showroom, Khanapur road, Belagavi.

Its also open to art students and public in general who wishes to paint or see the artists paint. At the end of the day the paintings will be displayed and made available for sale. There will also be a big canvas put up for the public to try their hand.


The event is open from 9.30 am – 6.30 pm.

Those interested to paint should carry their own colors/canvas/paper etc.

For further details get in touch with Mr Vishwanath Guggari (9886808637) of Art Affairs.

Creativity is contagious … pass it on – said Albert Einstein, So lets be creative and lets be together.

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