Tanks, Cannons at Suryakant Park garden near Gogte Circle

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A prime location which was a playground then reserved by the Cantonment as A1 Defence land was subsequently converted into a garden that housed a fountain(with lights) in the center, a walking path on the side huge Ashoka trees on the sides.

This is Suryakant Park built and maintained by the Cantonment board at Gogte Circle, now it gives an ugly look with grass grown all over, the fountain hasn’t been working for years now, even the fencing was removed recently and now it houses a few street dwellers who are safe inside in the park premises.

Today after the general body meeting of the Cantonment board Brig. Govind Kalvad along with Mla anil Benake visited the garden. MLA has asked Brig Kalvad to convert the garden into a museum that will have Cannons, Tanks used by the army.
Belagavi has a long history of the MLIRC and having such a museum where used tanks, Guns, Cannons can be displayed.

Brig. Kalvad also has shown a keen interest in the suggestion and it is very likely that this will materialize soon.

Mandoli Road already has two tanks that are lying there for decades the same could be shifted, to begin with.

Suryakant Park Camp Belgaum

3 thoughts on “Tanks, Cannons at Suryakant Park garden near Gogte Circle”

  1. “Mandoli Road already has two tanks that are lying there for decades the same could be shifted, to begin with.”
    The above mentioned tanks are American Patten Tanks captured during Indo-Pak war, & presently used for training. Hence unlikely that they will be shifted to the park.

  2. Please don’t convert the garden to museums. Give the garden life let it be as garden. Install gym equipment(not the electrionce) I’ve seen it metro cities where kids,young,old enjoy playing n exercise parellally. let the city to breathe. For museums theirs so much of spare land the cantonment board has utilise that. Instead we must have more gardens or parks in the city. Please don’t demolish what’s existing take care. Provide boards too (to keep the premises clean) involve youth have a suggestion box for new ideas.conduct events so much good can be done.


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