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Tender floated to raise height of divider on Congress road

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In the month of June 2014, barricades were put at first gate blocking movement of traffic from First gate towards Mandoli road.
Then there were protests at a local stage where it was demanded that the height of the dividers be raised as people including buses were crossing over the Divider which was at the road level near First gate.

The Commissioner City Corporation Belgaum under the Fund head of SFC 2014-15 grant has floated a tender Package No.44 Divider rising to Congress Road from Ramaswamy Road to 3rd Railway Gate, Belgaum for an estimated cost of Rs. 39,91,650.66. The bid would be opened on 07/11/2014.

Once the bid has been awarded, the contractor will have 3 months to complete the same.
Hence in reality, we could see the height of the dividers raised by only the month of February or March.

1 thought on “Tender floated to raise height of divider on Congress road”

  1. This is completely unscientific. Its not the divider that has to be raised, but the road has to be brought to the original lower level. The divider level has gone down because of asphalting the road every year without any regard for the road levels. Every year the road level keeps going up, that is why all the buildings along the roads get flooded during the rains.

    Don’t we have a single sensible engineer in the corporation with a basic knowledge of roads.?


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