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Terrace bar raided by top cops on Kirloskar road

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A terrace bar on Kirloskar road was raided by a team lead by Commissioner of police DC Rajjappa at around 11 pm.

Hide Out (Top in Town)  is a bar on the terrace in the western tower building and according to police sources they had got complaints about the bar that it used to be open even after midnight on weekends and also suspected the use of drugs.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Seema Latkar said With the ACP and two-three officers, we raided the place, and we got to know that they were serving liquor on floors which was outside the purview of their license.

Five persons have been arrested.

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The police are still investigating the matter and they have taken samples of the liquor and other materials been severed.

As per the rules the bar must close by 11 pm. 

Sources say this bar used to stay open for late night parties on Saturdays Sundays and parties would end only in the wee hours of the morning.


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  1. For one the 11pm timing doesn’t make any sense…can someone please explain to me why such a stupid rule exists???
    Two samples of material being served…what drug infused into the food???

  2. This is all Police Raj bull shit why only Hotels are targeted so many cases you have to unsolved do it just trying to mint money .Why didn’t the editor mention also that days sale money and other things been taken by the department .
    Its really nonsense…
    If so stop selling liquor in the state …


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