Dance, DJ or live performance at restaurants need permission ?

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Any kind of music and dance venues, whether they play live, recorded or DJ music, have to obtain a licence from the Commissioner of Police, was told by CoP Benagaluru recently after Supreme Court ordered that restaurants in Bengaluru in Karnataka offering musical performances by live bands, cabarets and discotheques have to obtain a licence from the police.

We assume the same law is also applicable to Belagavi as well. The Raid on Hide out, Kirloskar road on Saturday night was as liquor was been sold on the floor not approved in the layout for the sale of liquor and yes there was loud music being played.

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Many of the restaurants in the city now have DJ shows, some have live music and as per law then each one will have to get a specific permission from the police.

Venues that host music performances have to apply for yet another licence under the Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Entertainment (Bangalore City) Order 2005.

The Karnataka Live Band Restaurants Association had challenged the Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Entertainment (Bangalore City) Order 2005 before the Supreme Court on grounds that it violated their right to equality and interfered with their fundamental right to practise any trade or business.

A Division Bench of Justice RK Agrawal and Justice Abhay Manohar Sapre said that since these performances are carried out in restaurants where the public has access and, therefore, in the larger public interest, “these performances have to be controlled, regulated and supervised”.

Hence after these and the night life culture seeping in other tier 2,3 cities these things may have to be regulated as per law.

The SC bench said that the police order imposes well conceived conditions in the public interest and these conditions ensure the safety and welfare of the general public who regularly visit such restaurants to partake of food and witness live performances by artistes. Indeed, if these safety measures are not adhered to by owners while running their restaurants, the general public will always run a risk of subjecting themselves to any untoward incident endangering their lives and safety.

The restaurants owners see at this – The moral overtones in the judgment and the assumption that live music has a higher potential for indecency or obscenity is archaic. It was not the live band at Kamala Mills that sparked the fire.

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