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Anand Kamkar Parents still clueless about their son arrested in Abu Dhabi

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Worried parents of Anand Kamkar from Vadgaon, Belagavi had tweeted Minister of External affairs for help as their son has been arrested by the Shabeeya Police Station, Abu Dhabi on 7th feb Wednesday 5pm allegedly for clicking pictures at prohibited area near Indian Embassy. But as there has been NO response from the ministry of external affairs now the Father of Anand plans to go to Abu Dhabi and try and free his son.

As of today there has been no contact between Anand and members of his family or friends since the date he was arrested. Everybody is in complete dark.

How ever Anand Kamkar’s Facebook profile has some posts made after Feb 7, ie, after he was arrested.


anand-kamkar abu dhabiWe have found out that it was some of his friends who have posted this on Anand’s facebook profile as Ananad. The comments also mention that all is well here and we are enjoying here and would return on Sunday (10 Feb) but it has been a week since that post no contacts has been established with Anand.

MP Suresh Angadi has also assured the family and has sent an email to MEA regarding the release of Anand.

Anand has not been produced in court so far and the family has been able to appoint a lawyer. The lawyer was supposed to give a clear picture of the case and the charges by Sunday evening.

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  1. I had left my dubai number on the previous page of AAB, but no one from family is trying to be in touch with me, I got a missed call today morning when I was sleeping from +00919343530999, I called this number but when I asked about the passport number the person disconnected the line.

    I understand the family is in shock, but without any details I can’t help, even if any family member is trying to visit abudhabhi its just waste of time and money.

    Alhamdullilah I had helped many people to get out of UAE by the legal procedure, but again without any details I m helpless.

    • Hi Mudassar,
      Yesterday one of my friend visited to Abu Dhabi CID office regarding this case. I think today he is visiting to “Shabiya Mussafah” police station for inquiry. Please contact him on this number 0588773474 (Khan).

    • Mudassar dis is Govind, i had cald u regarding Anand but u wer unavailable, ystrdy nite i had a tak with Mr.Mehboob who gave me ur reference n i had shared wit him the furthur proceedings going on.


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