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It has been 2 months today that I started this blog.
On August 7, 2007 I thought of this and when I am writing this 2915+ visits of all you people has made me more than happy and I did not expect such a good response to my small little blog.

Many of you have signed up for the email subscriptions and today 25 people have subscribed who receive updates from this blog. All you others almost 67 people on average daily visit it and its is seen from many continents. In India it is viewed 44%,USA 28%,Australia 15%,followed by UAE,Singapore,Saudi Arabia, Qatar,Hongkong and other countries.

I can only write, I will try my best to give you unbiased information about your city. If you have any suggestions kindly send them, i would love to read them.

Yours, UkMaD


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  1. Truly great work, Uddu..

    It is cool that I can find comprehensive updates about Belgaum in one place! And some of the articles (like real estate prices) are well researched.

    Some news brings cheer.. like the Vayavya Labs news.

    I regularly follow your blog.. not through email updates, but via RSS feeds (hope that encourages you.. many more people might be reading via RSS)


  2. appreciate ur efforts to keep us connected to our home town…site cud be made more attractive by adding pics and fancy stuff

  3. If possible try to post information on new constructions etc coming up in the city, most people from Belgaum are interested in investing in the city – buying apartments etc. but there is no way to find information on new construction in the city. post pics with info.


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