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The CD Hills: Engineering marvels of Belagavi

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We the people of Belagavi are really a blessed species. We don’t get angry, we forgive easily, we live frugally and in general ignore things that would usually bother people of some other city.

What else could be the reason that we continue to suffer and travel on roads with Cross Drainage (CD) that is, well, across the road and stands at a height of 2 feet from road level.

Take the marvels at Vitthal dev galli corner. Or the one opposite Saraswati Girls high school where a school rickshaw toppled last year.

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The one opposite the Venkateshwara temple at Nargundkar Bhave chowk (Ravivar peth corner towards Shani Mandir) is the best one.

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Puddles have formed at its base, two wheeler riders try to climb up on an incline and slip and fall. Bless those souls of the vegetable and fruit vendors who pick such riders routinely and help them get back to vertical position again.

Many have sprained their legs and several cyclists have fallen down the hill. The Vitthal dev galli CD hill sees traffic jams and similar falls, thanks to its amazing position and astounding height.

Cars struggle to climb that incline owing to the narrow turn and slow speed.
I may not be an engineer, but my common sense tells me that such height in a narrow lane at a tight turn is dangerous for pedestrians and motorists.

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Someone please enlighten me why such CD works are created in this way and is there no respite from this daily horror?

0 thoughts on “The CD Hills: Engineering marvels of Belagavi”

  1. Hahahahah
    What a title,
    CD hills..
    I actually read the article with great curiosity but what you say is true…
    We blgm have great patience and easily forgive

  2. It is typical of Belgaum. Either civic authorities are totally insensitive to the obstacles common public faces or we the sufferers are extremely tolerant to the attitude of authorities. Do they want to provide seamless good roads to Belgaumites or create artificial hindrances in the smooth travel? Added to it, frequent breakdowns of street lights. Public left in the lurch.

  3. This type of c d hills are in almost all cities of karnataka.
    Hats off to the road designers and supervisors.
    Another c d hill is under creation at Nath Pai circle rickshaw stand.
    I hope the R Commisioner will visit such spots to understand the difficulty of citizens.

  4. The problem is the chalta hai attitude of the common man… When that goes only then we can see change by demanding accountability from the government.

  5. When I was a kid, in 1980, entire area from Mahadev Mandir to Tilakwadi 1st gate used to be flooded and water used to enter the houses just as it does now.
    This has nothing to do with smart city, the overall drainage to move out rain water needs to be replanned.
    I hope people read little bit more about smart city concept and how it integrates various departments and services to provide seamless service to citizens, Infrastructure is just one aspect of a smart city.


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