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Citizens council demands better traffic management system in Belagavi

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The members of the Citizens Council met the newly appointed DCP Crime & Traffic PV Sneha and submitted a memorandum –

Even though our Traffic dept is doing their best to resolve the traffic issue with every day almost more than a 150 new vehicles on road, efforts seem uncontrollable. Over the years it is observed that the measures are taken to streamline traffic management infrastructure and disciple the traffic as well as parking conditions the City of Belagavi has not grown to the extent its neighboring towns have. Reasons could be many and it is not our intention to deliberate on the same.

  1. Parking Place.

At present, the Citizens are being fined and their vehicles are towed due to indiscipline and wrong parking but we think that this is not the permanent solution as we have to provide the parking spaces for the citizens visiting the city first. Without the provision of parking places by the administration simply penalizing the vehicle holder seems unethical. Even the toeing charges levied are very high and must be reconsidered.

The City is having only one Parking lot with a very meager Parking Space. A multilevel parking place is proposed long back but at present nothing comes to reality. With the present traffic conditions, a minimum of 4 multilevel parking complexes should be built with the war footing effect. But till then alternative open spaces must be made available to ease the load of parking.

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  1. Introduction of More Number of Oneways

As you are aware of the fact madam, that the geography of Belagavi is East to West maximum number of Gallis and North to south as three major inner roads connecting NH passing through the city. With the present two-way entrance and exit towards the commercial hub of Belagavi, i.e. Ramdev Galli, Khade Bazar, Maruti Galli, Ganapat Galli, Ravivarpeth traffic congestion on all the bottleneck corners is an everyday sight resulting in huge traffic jams. We think that more number of One Ways must be introduced to ease the same with the proper planning of entrance and exit to the city. As per our knowledge for last 15 years, no new one-ways have been introduced even though the vehicles are increasing day by day.

  1. Traffic Signals

At present, from the 3rd Railway gate to KLE and Fort there are 9 major traffic signals but unfortunately, only 50% are operational. RPD cross, Govaves, First Railway Gate, Gogte Circle signals are always in a nonworking state. Kindly initiate all the traffic signals for the smooth traffic flow of the city.

  1. Removal of Barricading at First Railway gate.

Madam, for the last several years the First Railway gate which is the important connecting link between the upper and lower Tilakwadi area is barricaded for the reason unknown. Even though the traffic signals are installed at the first gate we think barricading should be removed for the convenience of the citizens at large

  1. Hawkers Zone.

As you are aware Madam, the city’s business center lanes that is Maruti Galli, Ramdev Galli, Ganapat Galli, Khade Bazar, Market Area nowadays are overcrowded with nonmoving Hawkers which creates hindrances to the flowing traffic and pediatricians. We do agree that everyone is having a lawful right to trade but this kind of behavior creates traffic jams. An area in the main market is entrusted for the hawkers but unfortunately, no one is using it. A specific Hawker Zone should be built-in and allowed the licensing hawkers to trade is of utmost importance.

  1. Belagavi has geared up its image as a Commercial Hub as maximum number of Customers from Goa, Konkan, Kolhapur, Hubli Dharwad visits Belagavi for their purchases and with the same trade commerce and industry of City is Benefited a lot resulting in revenue generation to the state. But as per the media reports as well as the people from other states are complaining that their vehicles are being targeted for routine paper verification once they enter the city. We understand that our traffic police are doing the same with a intention of safety of the city as Belagavi is situated on the border of two state, but we think some liberal attitude is must to boost the trade commerce and industry of the city.
  1. Truck Terminal

Madam, as you are aware Belagavi doesn’t have any Ring Road and the total heavy vehicles traffic is moving through the city which causes a hindrance to the existing residential traffic resulting in traffic congestion. We request you Madam to initiate the proposal to build a Truck Terminal at Desur as well as near Kakti to streamline the traffic problem.

  1. Interstate Highway Patrolling Squad

Goa is fully Dependant on commodities of daily consumption on Belagavi Every day from 7 pm onwards maximum of 400 trucks are on way to Goa from Chorla Road. Recently as per media reports near Kinaye Village to choral many transit thefts have been taken place on moving vehicles. Even though our Police force has busted the racket on war footing kindly install Permanent Highway patrolling squad from Kinaye to Chorla to stop the same in the future too.

  1. Installation Of CCTV in the Market Business Centers.

Install the CCTV Cameras in the Business and residential sensitive areas of the City. This will definitely curb the crime in the city.

  1. Public Grivance Cell

Ward wise Public Grievances Cell for bringing better governance in the city and for the Citizens.

We earnestly request your good selves to please look into the above issues which we are confident will transform the City into a much better place to live-in giving the Citizens, Working Class , Children’s, Traders and the Industrialists an opportunity to compete in the commercial world using the best infrastructure made available by the Government through your personal efforts in Belagavi City.

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  1. Public also needs get matured, idiots are on the street. No basic ethnics on road, always on high beam, load exhaust I don’t know who appreciates. And lastly auto drivers and their extraordinary woofers. Hey bhagwan save this city.


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