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The Changing Rain Pattern in Belagavi: July 19 Kankumbi – 235 mm

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Gone are the days when the seasons were predictable. The monsoon seems to have arrived now with some real rain happening. This will likely last until the end of this month at least if not beyond.

Definitely, a respite after the premonsoon failed and the water levels in all supply sources dwindled to scary proportions. Something quite unprecedented.

The rain in Belagavi over the past few years has changed rather alarmingly. It seems to arrive on the 7th or 8th of June as in the past but then there is a huge break and it resumes only after the 15th of July. The same seems to have happened this year.

While we might be rejoicing in the formal arrival of the actual monsoon, it is also time to introspect.

Rainfall on 19 July 2023
Kankumbi – 235 mm

Londa – 152 mm

MK Hubli – 181.9 mm

Belagavi – 50.2 mm

Name of the Taluka Headquarter
Rainguage Station
N.R Rainfall of the month in mmJULY 19TOTAL
Athani HBC6516.641.8
Bailhongal IB12929.675.6
Belagavi IB45550.2176.8
Hukkeri SF15016.760.1
Nippani IB201.826.8123.7

Rains that are well spread over the monsoon months are good for replenishing the water supply and for farming. A sort of concentrated rain in just about a month can often be a disaster. Brings back memories of 2019.

If we wish to avoid climate extremes, we should pay serious attention to the symptoms exhibited by nature and address the issue of conserving and restoring our ecosystems, especially the vegetation.

Here’s a prayer that 2019 doesn’t happen again but then that seems the only way to address our water woes.

Remember what is more important than just rain is the when and how and how much of it.

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  1. These road humps are a disaster waiting to happen to our lives and limbs.Hope the authority concerned take action at the earliest.


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