The Elements mourn – RIP Mr.Suresh Hundre

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by Sameer Majali

Walking up to the call of the clock meant embracing another hot, clear summer day. As I gathered my senses, the eyes sought the familiar sight of daybreak. Something was amiss. The chill was apparent and so was the shroud as clouds lay their dark carpet over the heavens. A telephone call shattered the silence and a family friend broke the news much dreaded. There was an emergency and the industrial stalwart Mr. Suresh Hundre had been rushed to hospital. Anxious thoughts prevailed over the morning walk and the return saw worst fears come true. Mr. Hundre was no more.suresh_hundre

What was he to me is a question of a thousand thoughts. A familiar person who waved a smile on the street as he drove by, a person of repute who touched a myriad of aspects of private and public life in town, an industrialist who gave new sense and standards to business, the founder of the ‘Temple of Business Ethics aka Business Ashram’, a leader who took up the cause of Ekal foundation for education in rural areas, an advisor and inspiration to many, the list seems endless.

What was he to me is something that I would take time to sort out but one thing is true, he left behind a vacuum that will be felt in multiple domains of life in town.

Do the elements of nature really mourn the passing of the great? Superstition or coincidence, my guess is as good as that of anyone in town.

Rest in peace Sir, I am quite sure that you will be silent witness to the efforts of others as they attempt to carry forward you baton of ethics and the greater good.
You symbolize what I call “The Power of One”!

5 thoughts on “The Elements mourn – RIP Mr.Suresh Hundre”

  1. Rest in Peace Sir!!!! A gem of a person,down to earth and a self made man.An inspiration to many alike!!! You will be missed sorely…..

  2. To achieve great heights in life people say we need to be good and lead a simple life but very few tend to do that but I was the luckiest person to be lead by a person who followed this very fact when I was down and my self belief and confidence was very low he talked to me and told me that this was part of life and asked me to do my work with full and whole heart dedication and asked me to have self belief in me and boosted my confidence to new heights and made me what I am capable of doing today being able to face any problem with no fear and who is and will continue to be my source of inspiration in whatever I do in my life and who will continue to inspire many people like me. He aasked me to do what my heart says and not follow what other say and don’t even bother what other’s think about you. I WILL MISS YOU Shri.SURESH HUNDRE SIR RIP

  3. I pry the almighty to give enough strength to his family members. May his soul rest in peace. The Temple of Ethics
    seems like “Temple without God” and loss to the Belgaumites/ Society can’t be imagined/valued.


    I still remember when he helped me when i was a fresh Engineer and had visited his new Polyhydron factory at Mache – Belgaum

    God bless

    Rajendra Jadhav


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