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Raj Shetty releases trailer of The Ocean Connection Movie

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By uday

Kannada cinema luminary, Raj Shetty, recently took to his official Instagram profile to unveil the much-awaited trailer of the documentary film, “The Ocean Connection.” The trailer launch, which has garnered significant attention, showcases the poignant narrative of human-nature synergy and underscores the urgent need for environmental preservation.

With an overwhelming response, the trailer has already amassed over 1,72,000 views on Instagram, marking a substantial milestone in promoting awareness about the film’s vital message. Shetty, known for his multifaceted roles on-screen, has passionately advocated for the support of this initiative, urging his vast following to rally behind the documentary.

Produced by GIT Belagavi Alumnus, Sandeep Hegde, “The Ocean Connection” transcends the realms of conventional storytelling. The film chronicles the stirring tale of the coastal town of Honnavara, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant fishing community. Here, amidst the allure of pre-wedding photoshoots and scenic beauty, a community of dedicated men and women intricately tied to fishing endeavors has united in a noble cause.

the ocean connection

Their collective mission? To safeguard the nesting grounds of the Schedule One species, the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. Plans for the privatization of the beach threaten these crucial nesting sites, thereby imperiling the survival of the next generation of sea turtles in the region. However, the unwavering determination and deep-rooted connection between humanity and nature have sparked an inspiring tale of resilience and conservation efforts.

“The Ocean Connection” illuminates the profound synergy between humanity and the ocean, emphasizing the critical role of collective action in preserving our natural heritage. It serves as a clarion call, inviting audiences to partake in offline screenings (including a few in Belgaum) or engage through OTT platforms to support the young filmmaker’s vision and contribute to environmental conservation.

The documentary’s team comprises dedicated individuals passionate about bringing this compelling story to life:

  • Director: Vikas Badiger
  • Cinematographers: Manish Jangid, Ashwin Iyer, Vikas Badiger
  • Music: Sukruth Rao
  • Aerial Cinematographer: Sharan GC
  • Editor: Vinay Kumar
  • Edit Supervisor: Chandra HM
  • Executive Producers: Sandeep Hegde, Vikas Badiger, Sharan GC

Each member of the team brings unique expertise and a shared commitment to capturing the essence of Honnavara’s community and their conservation efforts.

The documentary stands as a testament to the resilience of communities and the imperative need to cherish and protect our natural ecosystems. It inspires hope and underscores the significance of unified efforts in safeguarding our shared environment.

You can learn more and book tickets for offline screenings by visiting

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