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They saved the life of Old woman who jumped into the lake

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An Old woman jumped into the Kanbargi lake in view to end her life but at the same time a bunch of children who around saw this and jumped into the water and brought the old woman out of the water and saved her life.

Smt Rukmini Patil aged about 75 years, a resident of Khangaon, had jumped into Kanbargi Lake around 10:30 am this morning as she was fed up with domestic troubles and quarrels.

When the matter came to the notice of the children fishing in the lake at some distance, they immediately rushed to the spot and pulled the old woman out of the water.

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However, not knowing what to do next, they called social worker Vitthal Patil, president of the One Touch Foundation. Her family in Khangaon was contacted, family members were counseled by Santosh Darekar, Yallukar and others and she was sent home.

The act of the children for saving her life was appreciated by one and all.

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  1. This is called KALYUG here old parents are not consider into family. Hope and pray to GOD give sad buddhi to all the youths to love and respect their parents , and do not neglect them please, They are very precious….don’t let them dishearten and take a shameful decision of taking their own life.

  2. love your parents always as they get old don’t neglect them. As they get old care for them as they cared for you. don’t miss the opportunity. Think that one day we also be older unable to care for ourselves, then who will care for us ? What goes around comes back around. Above incident is very hurting see the old woman’s age and think what made her to take such decision of ending own life jumping in water. God bless the children for saving life.


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