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They walked 611 km on the track from Bengaluru to Belagavi Enroute MP

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Two workers from Madhya Pradesh traveled about 611 km by foot on the railway track from Bengaluru to return to their hometowns, fearing that the outbreak of the corona would increase and the previous year’s situation would be repeated.

Pawan Dhurve (resident of Azwar Rayat, district Dindor, Madhya Pradesh) and Funde Mithusingh Lal (resident of Kundwari, district Dindori, Madhya Pradesh) were working on a contract basis in Bengaluru.

With the increase in COVID cases in Bengaluru and the gloomy situation of a lockdown, they decided to go back to their home.

Pawan Dhurve and Funde Lal from Bangalore decided to return to their hometown to avoid their plight during the lockdown last year. Unfortunately, due to the death of his contractor, he did not even receive his salary. As a result, due to lack of money for the bus, train, etc., the duo decided to reach their village by walking directly on the railway tracks and started their walk on foot 12 days ago.

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On reaching Belagavi they asked the gateman near Gandhinagar as to how far is Pune from here?

When Umesh Aptekar, the railway gateman on duty, saw the two exhausted and inquired about them out of curiosity offered them some water and he got to know that they are on their way to Madhya Pradesh. It is a matter of concern that these poor workers, who do not have enough money in their pockets, eat only what they can find on the way and quench their thirst for water.

Railway Gateman Umesh Aptekar immediately contacted Ravi Nirmalkar, Sachin Kelvekar and requested him to help them.
Ravi Nirmalkar, Sachin Kelvekar, Raju Mutkekar, Umesh Aptekar, etc. assured them a safe journey and made arrangements for their stay at Gandhinagar and have a meal. Arrangements have been made to take them to Itarsi by Hazrat Nizamuddin Express train.

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