Complete Lockdown from June 4 -6:Online food delivery allowed

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Belagavi Deputy Commissioner M.G. Hiremath has announced a complete lockdown from FRIDAY 6 AM 4 June to Monday 6 AM of June 7. These measures have been taken in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases in the district.

This lockdown – 6 AM on Friday, Saturday, Sunday upto 6 am on Monday. (THREE DAYS)

There would be no relaxation to buy vegetables in the 6-10 AM slot on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Sale of Milk
Online Food Delivery
Visit hospital for emergency
Marriages already fixed with prior permission
Transport vehicles traveling to interstate and inter-district.
PDS Ration shops and Agricultural seva Kendras from 6- 10 AM only
Ryot Kendras upto 12 PM
Seed/ fertilisers from 6 am to 12 PM with permission from PDO

Unnecessary travel for persons is banned under Section 144 of the Indian Penal Code 1973.

Deputy Commissioner MG Hiremath has warned that anyone who violates the lock-down order will be prosecuted according to Indian Penal Code 188.

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5 thoughts on “Complete Lockdown from June 4 -6:Online food delivery allowed”

  1. If it’s required plz do it but atleast increase the timing till 12pm on Wednesday and Thursday so there is no rush on Thursday alone.
    Also the Govt should think of moratorium on electricity bill, water bill, etc…how can one go and pay also where will one arrange for funds ?

  2. It is totally biggest “conspiracy for the next future generation” to remember this incident,like,demonetization,GST bill,to kill farmer bill,and this is pre-planed murder in the name of corona virus,they are killing people in hospital(private/govt)

  3. Nice.
    We’re in this horrible predicament BECAUSE OF THE GOVERNMENT and now we have to beg them to lift the lockdown or at least push back the 6-10 time slot. And they’re contemplating extending it beyond june. If this lockdown extends beyond 7th this will be the second time the CM has lied to the faces of the very people that put him where he is today. The last time being conveniently before the elections. Do we deserve this Poetic justice? It’s their fault and now we’re being threatened like how a parent threatens a child: Do well in your exam or else no present. Except there is no present in the first place. Just lies upon lies upon lies. WE ARE NOT TO BLAME ffs! I feel that most people have not realized to date that we’ve essentially let the government get away with murder scott free. No accountability. No punishment. No apology. All while ALLOWING them to punish us innocents. God help us all.

  4. It’s very easy to declare lockdown. But at the same pls assure us that the cases will be down or negligible after the lockdown is opened. What measures are taken to vaccinate the general people. Only the government employees saying the frontline workers & their families ( illegally) are vaccinated. Actually the lockdown advantage should have been taken to vaccinate the general public going door to door which would reduce the risk of any further lockdown. Hope the authorities will understand these things.


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