Three youths dead in car-bike collision

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Three youths died on the spot as their bike hit a car while overtaking in a head-on collision near Desur 9Prabhu Nagar) on Sunday morning.

Atharva Jadhav (16) Konwal Galli, Harsh Savgavkar (17) Mujawar Galli and Aman Kapileshwari (17) Ansurkar Galli had been to Bhootnath and while returning back met with the fatal accident. Atharva and Harsh were students of Jain College while Aman was studying in GSS college.


The youths while trying to overtake, met with a head-on collision with the car coming in the opposite direction and the bodies were thrown 20 feet far.


12 thoughts on “Three youths dead in car-bike collision”

  1. Parents are responsible for these accidents, which are occuring so often now a days, these kids are not even 18 years old, why hand them vehicles. We can see young kids driving rashly, the circus they do with their bikes, not wearing helmets, tripple rides n what all. These antics will make you miss a heart beat.

    • Parents are killers with their own volition. Next people are worried about being useless with facebook, whatsapp and instagram.

  2. It’s so sad to see youngsters riding rough without even knowing the consequences. There’s a whole list to start with and overtaking is the biggest culprit of all major accidents. No one likes to ride/ drive safe in India, coz everyone either riding the bike or driving a car thinks they’re smart and can’t go wrong.

  3. Very unfortunate but avoidable accident…. It’s certainly the fault of parents to let their children below 19 years, without driving licence to use bikes….. If course today’s children won’t listen to their parents, but when it comes to bikes, scooters or cars, no compromise should be made. After all it’s their children’s life apart from lives of others as well which are at stake. In Belagavi so many young children between 10-17 years of age, drive two wheelers. I fail to understand how the parents allow them to use bikes. Nowadays, it’s an offence to lend bikes to children below 18 years for which, owner is responsible and will face legal action. I sincerely advice the children to use bicycles which in today’s times are being looked u upon as passe by students and below their dignity level… Nothing can further from truth than this myth. Schools and colleges (PUC) should ban two wheelers, but it’s very difficult to implement as students Park their vehicles on roads and go to college, school or tutions. It’s responsibility of parents first and police as well check these happenings. At least, now I hope our children and parents learn a lesson from this horrific accident.

    • Let me explain when there is any imbalance in nature, nature tries to correct itself, it has done its work.
      Today parents are useless, they buy vehicles on loan, they give their old vehicle to their children. Some parents take extra pride when their underage children take control of vehicles. I have a friend who will control of his Indica to his four year old son. In olden times people would buy vehicles after making corpus over years. We should encourage people to walk and use bicycle. I use bicycle around my home and office. I don’t preach anyone.

  4. Very sad to hear about tragic incident. I cannot imagine the plight of their parents. May God give them strength to face this unbearable loss. I read a few comments and was wondering what we can do to stop such incidents. Just blaming the parents or minors wont really help. We need to see how we can create awareness among our children to use bicycles. One way I see is by – we ourselves start using bicycles and make our children ride along with us. This will not only save our children but also make them healthy and fit. Also we can contribute to reduce pollution. I see few of my friends have already started doing it in Belgaum, hope others will follow.


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