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Tiger is dead; but who Killed it?

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The Bangalore Mirror in a interesting story has asked the Question – Who killed the tiger?

A day after gunning down the ‘man-eater’ of Bheemghad in Khanapur taluk of Belagavi reserve forest, the forest department is now facing the unsettling question of who actually shot the tiger. Leaving forest officials in a quandry, Khanapur MLA Arvind Patil claimed that it was a local villager who shot the elusive tiger in the later hours of Sunday. But officials who were overseeing the operations maintained that it was their field staff that killed the tiger.

Last rite on the killed Tiger
Last rite on the killed Tiger

According to villagers, even though forest officials achieved a breakthrough in locating the tiger using Soliga tribals, the tiger was already dead and officials only fired at the already slain tiger!

Khanapur MLA Arvind Patil claimed that it was the villagers who killed the tiger. “It was a local villager, Taanaji Patil, who shot the tiger in the head resulting in its death,” Patil clarified.

MLA Claims he killed the Tiger, This photo is making its presence on Social Media and Wahtsapp
MLA Claims he killed the Tiger, This photo is making its presence on Social Media and Wahtsapp

Now the Question Who killed the Tiger?

Last rites were done on the Tiger at the Nagargali forest ranger in the presence of forest officials.

10 thoughts on “Tiger is dead; but who Killed it?”

  1. Must be caught alive.Today there are many techniques to make animals unconscious and then put them to National Parks…Remember humans Jungle is home to wild animals not for you And Tiger become man-eater only because of you..Shame on you…Why keep terrorists alive and treat them like our own ‘Damaad’..And kill mute-deaf animals…Must be sentenced those who killed Natural Beauty.

  2. The question ” who killed the tiger ” is not my concern in fact question should be ” why kill the tiger” when the mistake was done by us….
    1. Get a tiger from its well protected forest from chikmangalur to a reserve which was not built for wild animals ( no perimeter fencing )
    2. Tiger was unable to survive in its new reserve no proper care taken to protect it and a habitat where it could find any animals on which it would hunt down and find its food,this forced the tiger to leave its area and come out in search of food.
    3. No decisions to hunt it down and tranquilize it was taken into consideration maybe inefficiency of forest officials (no comments on this issue ) to find the tiger before it started attacking human beings for its food.

    Please learn a lesson from this unfortunate scenario which resulted clearly because of man made mistake and again an innocent being was killed and had to pay a heavy price (its life) for our mistake

  3. 1. This news statement is a piece of shit!
    2. Uday, please improve the quality of news here, lol
    3. “all about belgaum” should have created campaign and written a news article and circulated on “how to save this tiger”. This would have been appreciated.

  4. Could have tranquilized it, and sent to National Parks,whats the point in Doing “PROJECT TIGER” , Karnataka had only 300 tigers, now left only 299


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