Tiger has been killed

The killed tiger

The Tiger released in Bhimgad Sanctuary which killed a woman has been killed at Kongala in Jamboti forest limits on Sunday Evening.

A 300 strong team of forest department was on the look out of the Tiger which was relocated here and it had killed one woman, one horse and 2 dogs. 

The tiger was spotted by a team in the forest, which followed the wild cat to confirm if it was wearing a radio collar. The tiger turned out to be the maneater, after which the shooters fired a few rounds to kill the tiger. Cages were laid with goats as bait in the forests of Jamboti, Mudugai, Daroli, Mugada, Chapoli, Olamani, Ucavade, Vadagoan, Kapoli, Neelawade, Malav, Kanjale and Nerasa.



  1. You people just take a look at that innocent pregnant women who was killed by this tiger..wat you would do if she is your sister or mother…Anybody who are humans can understand those feelings.great job by govt. At least from now on the govt should make boundaries for wild animals and save them.

  2. it’s unfortunate that tiger is no more. certainly any wild animal would have done same thing as tiger done to feed its stomach. daily we see in bgm elephants enter fields damages crop kills human where ‘ll they go hunger drives them out of jungles as human we too leave our homes to feed our stomach. Govt should have shown some concern to tiger rather then killing. human habitat should be banned in forests areas. animal poachers should be hanged. our population as crossed 125crores n still counting but tigers left in India hardly 100’s should have been saved.. where was ndtv save tiger campaign gone? vote bank politics..

  3. It is a shame when in spite of having technology at our finger tips our Govt is an handicap. Who ever took the decession including all involved in this killing should answer this- why dont we also kill those people who rape, murder, ,misuse political power and do lot more worst things than this?
    You could hav tranquilised and then moved the tiger to a better reserve where it would be safe and humans too would be. Animals protect our environment which inturn helps human life. Use your brains guys.

  4. Its very bad decision by our govt.They simply say save tiger,In-spite of killing him they would have made him unconscious and left him in zoo.
    Its obvious that it will attack on people and eat them because its his food and its mistake of person who left him there not tiger’s mistake..
    Please wake up govt and don’t give such wrong orders.

  5. Its sad to see the Govt kiling the animals. What Karnataka Govt cannot afford to bring in one tiger expert to catch it???? The chief Minister siddaya has money to burn and other ministers have money to watch porn on the phones but can’t afford to bring in a tiger expert????
    Where are the animals group??? Maneka Ghandi????…saving dogs????…The country has money to bring back people who went to fight with ISIS but not for this….shame on the country…

  6. Forest department guys r u all educated ya just got such big post…. use ur heads not what other people say……. U could have short it by some tranquilizing equipment, and then transferred it to a forest ya Santurce. ….. I nw all these comments dont matter ur forest department people these all comments r not bull shits plz do refer the
    it a humble request from all the citizens of India ….. Plz save Tigers or one day we have to see them in books only…

  7. Either of shoot at sight if these tiger killers would ve used some kind of drug to make tiger unconscious then we would ve saved an animal…………….itz human being fault coz we r encroaching the forests so these animals r coming in to cities……………

  8. Those who think many people were saved by killing the tiger, just go through the news and see today how many humans were by other humans. No one cares when a human kills another human but when a tiger kills a human everybody wants to kill the tiger. RIP tiger, this world is full of A$$holes.

  9. Forest officers should be shameful for taking such action, infact our govt is responsible for this… Shoot at sight order was not at all required.

    Govt decisions are always useless, they hav proved this once again….
    Now after killing that tiger if they think themselves as heros, then am sry, u r wrong govt. U ppl should be cald as criminals for taking a life of an amimal.
    GOV’T PLS GO THROUGH BELOW RIGHT DETAILS which u ppl have forgotten, its a shameful thing wat has happen….
    The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act,1960


  10. When the radio device was already installed, why did the govt had give the ” shoot at sight” order? I just don’t get it. Also when such devices have already been installed, why did the forest officials couldn’t catch the tiger?

    • Very shameful instead of shoot. you can send that to zoo. so people will happy for such a decision..

      shame on your self.

  11. I am really ashamed to say that I am from belgaum where such shit forest officers are in charge, but why the people of belgaum didn’t react when they knew that govt has given the shoot at sight order ? why every one is reacting when these criminals did there job?

    they could have captured it alive, here at one end we are talking about save the tiger and on other end these cruel govt / forest officers are killing it. what the tiger did was right and why not when we are destroying their home, now what is the difference between poachers and forest officers ? both are same in my perspective. shame on the govt i m really surprised that how can the govt could do this.

    really this was not right I am really feeling sad about this.

  12. Don’t know what was the ground reality for shoot at sight order… The news is good for those who lived within their edge under fear of man-eater.. and bad for those national animal lovers… in any case we need to know how committed we are to our ‘Save Tiger’ campaign…
    #why forest dept couldn’t trace wildcat, even after installing radio device…?
    #Technical failure or lack of compatibility of staff…?
    #why shot to dead and not tranquillized…?
    We need to seek the answers and lesson learned from this incident should implemented on immediate effect…!

  13. This is really bad news that tiger is been killed BUT it will be also relief for the villagers living there..mixed emotions.. Whom to blame for this is it the forest officers who killed it or is it the people who left tiger in this area.. I would think the people who left it … They should have taken care where to set free this tiger so that it wont come in contacts with humans….And we has a humans are destroying forest in such vast scale that this things are bound to happen a lot as wild animals are not having a space of their own to live…

  14. Very sad to hear one more tiger is killed very few are left and a day will come where we will see tigers only in movies.The jamboti jungle is also depleting as we see daily trucks with woods loaded which pass through belgaum city,forest officials are just filling their pockets nothing else.

  15. A very shameful decision. Losers could not even capture a single #Tiger. Even when they have all the equipment/facilities available that are required. Lack of courage! Although the life of villagers was on quest – Killing a tiger was not a solution. I wish the animal welfare organizations like #PETA take a strong action against this act. We all must share these pictures and posts so that this news is spread everywhere. SHAME ON THE #TIGER KILLERS!

    Look – what some news website says:

    ‘Operation Tiger’ comprised forest and police officers as well as veterinary doctors, local residents, personnel of the Special Tiger Protection Force, sharpshooters from the Anti-Naxal Force (ANF) as well as members of the Soliga tribe from Chamarajanagar district.

    Sharpshooters for killing a Tiger? Go… engage yourself in protecting the citizens from the Terrorists instead of showing off your fake bravery in killing a #Tiger.

  16. Sad to hear that Tiger was killed …
    With more than 300 professionals of forest team, it is expected that they trap the Tiger and eventually save it. Killing should have never been an option, in any case.

    RIP !!!!!!!!

  17. All efforts should have been made to tranquilize him and capture it without killing. What happened to the SAVE TIGER COMPAIGN.

  18. Sad to hear that Tigeress was killed …
    With more than 300 professionals of forest team, it is expected that they trap the Tiger and eventually save it. Killing could have been done by villagers as well.

    RIP !!!!!!!!

  19. selfish decision…. taking an aim to unconscious the Tiger and taking an aim to kill the Tiger are two different poles with same efforts. Govt could have saved the tiger… I really feel sad for the lady but, when we are grabbing their homes then what else is left for them.

  20. Its true, we lost one Tiger from our Indian Tiger list, am very sad for that….but think about the peoples, poor farmers who are only depend upon the farms for their rosyroti, students who were living under threat & the least & last the troops who were trying to capture him alive but not succeeded due to the Jungle circumstances…..Saving Tigers measures should have been taken before The Tiger released in Bhimgad Sanctuary which killed a woman & others ….

  21. Killing makes them rich ..they can sell its skin ..teeth …bones ….every part of the animal . they make huge money .

    Morons , these people have to be judged and punished.

    Shame on the Forest Dept for the work that you suck at .

  22. Moment was Sad when i come to know about the death of the tiger, but happy toooo that many animals and human begins life’s are safe……salute to the govt and even grand salute to the team of forest department……:) Thank you all…..:)

    R.I.P Tiger.

  23. Really sad efforts should have been made to save the tiger 1 more tiger gone from the as it is dwindling numbers really sad, a day will come when our future generations will read only in books about tigers if we don’t act now

  24. Really sad efforts should have been made to save the tiger 1 more tiger gone from the as it is dwindling numbers really sad

  25. Its sad to see this animal lying dead. They should have captured it and left it some zoo rather than killing it. We have forced this tiger to become man eater. We have snatched away their territory by cultivating forest land in to agri land and now we only kill them.

  26. Its our national animal. Should hav captured instead of killing n sent it to some zoo.. poor decision from govt. Rip tiger.


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