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McDonald’s is opening on 30th Dec in Belagavi

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Here’s the official announcement.

McDonald’s is opening on 30th Dec 2014 at 10.00 am at JNMC College Campus, Nehru Nagar, belgaum belagavi


McDonalds Store Belgaum Belagavi The fast food giant McDonald’s had finally come to Belagavi. It came as a relief to many who were waiting for it from so many years. So many people had to go all the way to Kolhapur to eat McD but now they can have it here at JNMC Campus.
Stay Hungry. Stay Happy because at McDonald’s you will surely be lovin’ it!

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s is opening on 30th Dec in Belagavi”

  1. Some time back there was a news that KLE can not use these premises for commercial purposes as the land was given for educational purposes at concessional rates. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT ??
    Any Answers!!!!!

  2. Good Question Mr.Sanjay,,
    What happen to the Rules ???
    If a daily wages worker does something for his daily bread near Foothpaths, The Govt Orders/The politicians/ the Municipality comes in Force and demolishes his daily bread saying 1001 rules.
    By this we can Judge our LAW & ORDER,,the way its working !!!! after all the LAW & ORDER is “Made In India”.
    Just scratch your mind & think the people behind this,,Who are the people behind this?? under whose name JNMC stands?? Who is benefiting from the rent gained by such Foreign Outlets ?
    I wish there was a Fast track System for common Public to know the legalities(for these things), then definitely belief me first of all the curtain will raise over the politicians & So called big personalities from their Homes / their offices / their institutions & the common people will come to know how much Legal these politicians & So called big personalities are.


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