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Ek Tha Tiger !

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The so called man eating Tiger, was shot down yesterday in Jamboti Forest Range after in was released in late November. The tiger had killed a woman in the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Chikkamagaluru district, after which it was released into the forests in Belagavi district. Here too it killed one Woman, a horse and two dogs.

The killed tiger

A shoot at sight order was given and the radio collared Tiger was not traced and more than 300 strong force was deployed to track down the Tiger.


But this killing has raised some grave questions-

Experts question the logic of releasing the tigress captured in Chikkamagaluru in distant Belagavi forests. It could have been released in the nearby Bhadra Tiger Reserve, which is yet to reach its saturation point.

Experts say the tigress should never have been released after being captured at Chikkamagaluru

Some reactions of the Netizens –

Kiran Kulkarni, Advocate – Blunder by the govt in shifting a man eater tiger from its natural habitat Chikkamagaluru to Khanapur taluka cost the precious animal its life. It should have been in captivity, Callous attitude of the govt. when the whole country is leaving no stone unturned to save the big cat, it was a moment of pride for forest official to kill the tiger. Why did they not try to capture it alive? Why were no tranquilizer used? Who is responsible for its death? Questions which the govt has to answer..

Sameer Majli, Educationist – The man eating tiger in the forests was killed after a massive tiger hunt. Circumstances unfortunate for sure but the reports with images symbolising almost a victorious accomplishment; with people and leaders posing with the dead animal and grabbing headlines the way it is doing….MOST INSENSITIVE.
I would have loved the news saying that unfortunately, it had to be done ( If at all there was no other way out). Would that not have been a better way of reporting it?
After driving the animal almost to the verge of extinction, should be still be proud of this accomplishment?

Vishweshwar Uppin – Belgaum Man-eater to be put down. The headlines surprised me. Such a shock coming from the forest officials and the so called authorities. No doubt loss of life is sad but when the tigers are poached are the poacher PUT DOWN ??
Why are the tigers/leopards crossing the boundaries ?? Because we have crossed ours !! We have invaded their home. We have not left them enough to eat. We are killing them slowly and surely. Guns are not required. We shall starve them.
Feeling terrible. No forum has raised their voices against the intended MURDER of the Tiger. Such a shame !!

Kavya Mishri-
He didn’t kill people in cold blood….. he killed to survive… to fill up his tummy………. stop taking it personally… we all would have been sad if he would have killed someone we love or care but that doesn’t mean we go after him claiming his life…….. If a small kid slapped you in the face because the kid is innocent and doesn’t understand, you don’t slap the kid hard back just because he slapped you, would you?

Please tell me how did this do justice to the people who are dead and also the people who are living in that area, and how it would have differed if he wasn’t killed and rather tranquilized?


4 thoughts on “Ek Tha Tiger !”

  1. I am really ashamed to say that I am from belgaum where such shit forest officers are in charge, but why the people of belgaum didn’t react when they knew that govt has given the shoot at sight order ? why every one is reacting when these criminals did there job?

    they could have captured it alive, here at one end we are talking about save the tiger and on other end these cruel govt / foresters are killing it. what the tiger did was right and why not when we are destroying their home. now what is the difference between poachers and forest officers ? both are same.

    really this was not right I am really feeling sad about this.

  2. In my opinion it should not have been bought here from its original place. Thanks to that brilliant thinking of doing so. Next what has happened has happened. Why kill it as said above the whole world is saying Save the Tigers. When you can shoot it, it means that you could have caught it alive and left in a other forest or atleast in a zoo where it could be alive. I really feel very sorry for the dead Tiger. Wake up people and think rational. Authorities have to be questioned about their act with the Tiger episode and answer a lot of questions and they have to answer.

    Uday please put up information as to one tiger was left in the forest and it dead now. I work in Jamboti and there are 100’s of rumors that there are 25 to 30 tigers left in the forest, The Karnataka Govt. does not want marathi people to be alive, and many more(Since marathi people are more in that area), etc. Please put up more information about it. At least I can tell people whom I come across with lots of rumors. Let me tell you people are scared in that area after the Tiger episode.

  3. Real shame
    Forest officials are being praised as heroes while it was their folly which killed both people and the poor animal
    Can animals kill humans the same way when they enter forests to steal their food and poach?
    How can they even talk of conservation?
    This is Mera Bharath Mahan


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