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Tiger kills ox in Gavali village

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That Tiger brought and released from Chikmangulr is still not traced and an Ox was its latest prey.

Aillagers who then gheraoed the team of forest department at the check post at Hemadga village in the jungles of Khanapur on Friday morning.

The forest department personnel’s have confirmed that tiger has killed the ox, but they said that it cannot be confirmed whether it was the same tiger, which was released recently. The tiger has been seen in Talewadi and Gavali villages so it seems the Tiger has made its territory, but the villagers live in fear of an attack.

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  1. Sympathies with the villagers. Just seems that there is no value for life of people living in villages. The government should have sent the man eater to a zoo rather than make life miserable for all. Why some forest in Belgaum ? Why not around some big cities ? Then they shall know how it feels.


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