Tiger Safari at Bhutramanhatti

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A tiger Safari has been planned on the forest land about 500 acres near Bhutramanhatti. Space already has a mini zoo with various animals and birds but now the Forest department plans to make it as a tourist attraction by introducing a tiger safari.

Belagavi city corporation commissioner Sashidhar Kurer visited the site yesterday where the corporation will spend about 2 crores on building a 8 feet wide gutter and 8 feet tall boundary wall along 1.8 kms which will house the tiger safari.

rani-zoo40 acres of land would be reserved for tigers.

The plan of Tiger Safari was planned way back in 1989 by the then forest officer Chandrashekar.

In the future Lions, leopards will also brought here as per sources.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Safari at Bhutramanhatti”

  1. Good initiative, please plan similar reserves around the belgaum.
    And please don’t plan any resort under this 500 acres………………..

    Let this be complete Forest.

    Please start creating small small ponds, if water is present through out the year, animals, birds, forest habitation will survive.


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