Tiger with Radio collar sighted in Habbanhatti


Kannadamma in a story has reported that a Radio collared Tiger was spotted near Habbanhatti 31 kms from Belagavi on the Goa road.

Now the question arises from where did this Radio collared Tiger appear from. In the Anshi Tiger reserve there are no Radio collared tigers nor any in Goa or Sindhudurg, then from where did this radio collared Tiger come from. This time the villagers are acrophobic for sure but more after knowing that it has radio collar.

File photo of the killed tiger in Dec 2014

On December 28, 2014 a radio collared tiger was killed Kongala in Jamboti forest limits. The killed Tiger was relocated here and had turned into a maneater.

So, which is this new tiger spotted near Habanhatti?

The forest officials are still unclear and have not ratified the sighting of a radio collared tiger near the vicinity of Habbanhatti village. There are tigers in the Anshi forest reserve and many a times Leopards and tigers as well are spotted in Jamboti forest range, but a tiger with a radio collar is surprising many and many are asking whether the killed tiger in December 2014 was the maneater Tiger only which was on the prowl then.



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