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An empty mind is a devil’s workshop, an empty wallet is devil’s home.

Earlier, going to play outside, learning sports were ways to engage kids and keep them away from the slow poison, mobile phones, but due to lockdown, the trouble of having kids engaged was a big problem to parents.

Despite the advent of gadgets, mobiles, I pads and tablets, chalk and board, slate remains the oldest and the best way to teach children.

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Nothing to do, nothing to earn, and missing adventure in life, does that give kids and youth the right to do the WRONG thing?

Two important things about this to ponder.

1. Handing your data filled mobile phone to a child, so that he doesn’t disturb you, and BY MISTAKE he clicks on a malicious link. Or watches a video not meant for him, or gets exposed to content that can affect his mind.

There is an age for children to learn things. Altering that would mean a lot of harm. Since kids today have only online classes, my tried and tested suggestion would be, getting them a handset with no access to data, Controlled watching and supervised /invigilated content.

2. Teens and youth, who have no work, getting into wrong ways of earning money using this same technology.

a. Bank/online/kyc/ digital /lic frauds.

b. Social media heinous activities.

A couple of months ago, on my social media page, a young boy( as he called himself) texted to help me with finances as he is jobless. I offered to assist him provided I know his efficiency. What he answered after that is not worth being mentioned here. ( hint: he sent a RATE CARD)

He wanted to earn easy money without any hard work and turmoil. I let go of that thinking of it as a prank and was quite embarrassed to discuss it with anyone. But when such messages started encountering rampantly not only by me but my many other girls and boys, none of whom had reported it, I thought of telling it to the people.

Another common and easy way to fool people especially senior citizens is thru online banking fraud. My suggestion again would be, not to keep your bank records on your smartphone. Or being extra vigilant about calls. No bank calls you for your pin password, not even RBI

The easy victims are young girls and boys especially those new to social media apps like Instagram. We have heard of stories of blackmailing and honey trapping.

There are many problems in society other than roads, politics, blame games, interfaith fights which need urgent attention especially when they are happening to a generation which will be the youth tomorrow.

Like said earlier, too much of anything is bad. Even mobiles, technology and social media.

Issued in public interest.

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Dr.Aarati Bhandare

A dentist by qualification has taken up the social responsibility to speak and create and spread awareness about water conservation and rain water harvesting, Garbage management and many other social issues.

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