Traffic Cops to be equipped with Handycams to catch violators

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In order to prevent the chaos on the roads stemming from citizens breaking traffic rules, the Belgaum Police has geared itself with technology that provides no escape to all those breaking the law, be it speeding, crossing the red light, drunken driving, non payment of fines imposed or for the matter non transfer of the ownership of registration of vehicles.
15 handycams would be given to traffic police men at various points who can just film the traffic violation and the concerned person would be sent a notice to pay the fine at his registered address and each one would have 7 days time in which they will have to pay the fine or stricter action would be initiated.

This step has been initiated due to shortage of staff. Even Karnataka Home guards have been given the job of handling the traffic at various circles and streets.

Source: Tarun Bharat

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