TRAI caps DTH: Get loyalty discounts for the customers of Bhima Riddhi Digital Service Cable TV and broadband service!

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As per the new directives issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, every Cable TV consumer will now have to pay for the channels they watch – individually! The older format of cable TV packages have become ineffective from the 1st of February 2019, and a renewed tariff regime has been launched which requires Cable TV Consumers to pay individually for each channel.

Earlier the customers were given 100 Free-To-Air (FTA) channels by the MSOs at a rate of INR 130 plus GST. But as per TRAI’s new tariff order, these first 100 channels can be selected by the Cable TV Consumers on their own. Now the customer only needs to pay for the channels they REALLY want to watch. As per the TRAI’s new tariff order, there are three set of choices to make.

A prescribed list of 100 channels for INR 130. The choice of the first 100 remains with the customers. They can pick from Free to Air channels or paid channels. The number of paid channels chosen, add up to the basic cost of INR 130 plus GST.

Bouquets of channels where a few channels are clubbed together as small packages to include in the prescribed list of channels. OR

Pay Channels which work like an A-La-carte menu. (Please visit: to see the price of every channel)

Here the customers get a list of the pricing structure of each channel and pick up the ones they want for their package. So if a customer likes to watch a lot of news they can pick up news channels like NDTV India, Aaj Tak, Zee News etc. and pay as per their choice of channels.

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Of course, there are distinctions between the basic channels and the premium ones in terms of pricing. The prices of the channels have been kept according to their appeal to the masses. These prices range anywhere from INR 0.30 to INR 19 per channel! The most expensive ones i.e. INR 19 per channel rates are for the popular news and drama channels while the basic channels like NDTV India, Aaj Tak etc are kept at a minimum of INR 1 per channel. The coolest thing is that much like ordering food in a restaurant you can pick your channels and feed your eyes!

For every additional 25 channels over the prescribed list of 100 channels, the government has announced network capacity fees of INR 20. Therefore, you get to decide what you pay according to what you watch!

Select and pay for only the channels that you watch!

In light of TRAI’s new tariff structure, BRDS Digital Cable TV and Broadband Service providers have brought loyalty discounts for the customers to make the new rules suitable for every household. BRDS is currently the only company to give loyalty discounts to its customers, thus bringing in a cut in the bills of the customers that rely on BRDS for their cable TV connection.

BRDS Digital Cable TV and Broadband service will be providing regional content to the Cable TV consumers, so as to enable a proper selection help for cheapest bouquets. Offering Cable TV Consumers of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa a chance to select channels from designed content the company is bringing immense comfort to the consumers in terms of prices, choice and selection. And all of it comes within suitable budgets!

Pay Channels are indeed an advantage for the cable TV customers

The whole experience of choosing what fits your bill is indeed an advantage for the customers. With the new rules in line, the people of Maharashtra won’t have the NEED to pay for a Bengali Channel or a Tamil Channel for their viewership; the interested customers have their CHOICE to add the ones they like to their list of channels.

Therefore, customers don’t just get the freedom of choice for the channels they watch but only pay for the channels they really view. This will be an informed decision taken by the customers as the menu will be shown by the local cable operator, and will also be available on the ‘Consumer Information TV Channel’ on the TV sets of existing customers.

BRDS Cable TV and Broadband Services – a convergence of entertainment, information, and service!

BRDS Cable & Broadband service is a premium Cable TV service operative in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. As an MSO, the company has been working since the last 25 years to bring in every household an integrated experience of entertainment, information, and service. With valued pricing structure, high-quality services, and a promising network, BRDS is a single point access provider to more than millions of subscribers in the region.

And in line with the new tariff structure designed to bring Selection of Channels in the hands of the customers, BRDS Cable TV providers have ensured of having a worthwhile experience with designed content in minimum value!

The Cable TV consumers of BRDS, therefore, can take a big sigh of relief and just switch between their choices of channels tension free!

Visit to get more information about the new regulation.

Visit to see the price of each package for every city.

These are the Kannada, Marathi, Hindi bouquets and their corresponding amounts, inclusive of the BRDS loyalty discount and taxes. Visit to see the channels that are listed in each graphic.

Kannada Silver – Rs. 199/-

Kannada Gold – Rs. 275/-

Kannada/Marathi/Hindi Diamond – Rs. 369/-

Kannada/Marathi/Hindi Platinum – Rs. 425/-

Marathi Silver – 200/-

Marathi Gold – 280/-

Marathi/Hindi Diamond – 350/-

Marathi/Hindi Platinum – Rs.425/-

Hindi Diamond – Rs.350/-

Telugu Pearl – Rs. 275/-

Pearl HD – Rs. 550/-

Basic FTA pack – Rs. 153.40

Please call on 08312015110/116 or 08314212600 between 10:30 am to 6:30 pm, in case of queries.

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