Train hits Elephant paralyzing its hind feet


On Friday night a train hit a 18 month old elephant while it was crossing the track and the elephant is seriously injured, the incident occurred in Nagargali forests of Khanapur range.

Forest department personnels engaged in saving the injured baby elephant, at Nagargali

The forest officials said a a herd of 7 elephants were crossing the railway track when the train hit the back of the baby elephant. The other 6 had already crossed the track but the baby elephant was left behind. The elder elephants tried to rescue the baby elephant and dragging marks near the site suggest the elephants tried to help it pull away from the site but they were not successful.
Railways informed the Forest department and a Veterinary doctor who also rushed to the spot. On Saturday it was revealed that both the hind legs of the baby elephant were paralyzed as its is believed that its spinal cord was injured. Now it is herculean task infornt of the forest department which plans to shift the baby elephant to Mysuru for better treatment. Now a team of forest officials are stationed at the spot and are looking after the elephant. The officials are feeding it sugarcane and other food but they are facing a tough time to arrange about 200 liters of water for the animal.



  1. Please plan for a new track from Dharwad to belgaum and see that the train moves at lower speed during the passing from forest area.

  2. Dear baby Ganesha SORRY for whatever the reason be for your current state.

    Actually I am feeling so helpless as never in my life…….
    We all know this is not only with Belgaum, such incidents are happening all over INDIA & our wildlife conservation effort is going nowhere.

    I know its the greedy humanbeing the only to be balmed for all this…………
    But still I have hope we can mitigate such incidents with commonsense.

    Please forgive us & give strength to do our best for wildlife conservation.

    Thanks & regards,


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