Transformation of Belgaum in the next 4 years – Jarkhiholi

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citytourDistrict incharge minister Satish Jarkhiholi along with officials from BUDA and MLA North and Rural surveyed the city on sunday morning trying to ascertain what development works need to be undertaken so that Belgaum gets a face-lift. Mayor, Dy.Mayor also accompanied the tour which happened in a special mini bus, behind which all the cars were following in a caravan.

The entire program was planned for Belgaum North constituency only it seems. Gardens would be built in open lands so that there is more breathing space.

Also the bus stand would be converted into a hitech bus stand also a hitech Fish market will be built said the minister. The team also visited the cricket stadium and spoke to Avinash Potdar about the work in Kanbargi.

Also the water bodies, tanks would be beautified. The team surveyed Auto nagar, Kanbargi, Fish Market, Kanbargi industrial area.


7 thoughts on “Transformation of Belgaum in the next 4 years – Jarkhiholi”

  1. kab hota ki kya ki( when the work will finish we dont know) we all belgaumites want belgaum to be improved and we big IT companies. why these ministers dont want belgaum to be improved?????

  2. How much . Should we Belgaumite’s believe this .. 4 yr’s.. !!! LOL we belgaumites do really know the true meaning of PATIENCE..!!!

  3. First they should concentrate on the unplanned (akram-sakram) spread of residential areas like New Gandhinagar …! BUDA & BMC sleeping on this with open eyes…!

    • Yes i agree to vishal’s comments …BUDA should legailze all the akram/sakram buildings if any..and go out of the way and assist the New Gandhinagar residence in beautifying that area.

  4. Amusement Park like Woderla ,flyovers ,widening of roads, well connected veg markets ,shopping malls cum multiplexes ,alongwith this Salary of people should also increase like DA ,HRA.

  5. We dont know how many times this kind of surveys taken and promises made 🙁 but nothing in realty can be seen. Its hope after hope but its only HOPE till now nothng turned up.


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