Tree felled for beautification What kind of Beautification is this ?

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Scorching temperatures have been playing havoc with the lives of people in the city. Lack of shade has emerged a concern for pedestrians, hawkers and motorists. People involved in petty works like labour are beaten by the beaming sun. 

The heart of old City has very less trees and ones which existed were removed like the tree next to Hutatma Circle was chopped down totally, was it really by any means affecting the Martyr’s memorial ?

Infact a year ago two smaller trees but well grown were removed near the Auto stand at the same circle.


Trees from Khade bazar were removed citing reasons such they were obstructing traffic. Now the entire stretch has no trees and Citizens gasp for shade.

The top court has also expressed concern over the incessant cutting down of trees, which if not stopped soon enough, will significantly damage the environment.

Some more trees will be felled at the Bapat Galli car parking site once the work begins. Here there is no option, but have the authorities ever thought of saving a tree and developing around it.

We have a separate environment engineer in the Belagavi city corporation, who should in such cases come front and try to save trees.

Hutatma circle
File photo of the tree then at Hutatma circle

hutatmatreeIt takes years for the tree to grow up so big and we cut it in 2 days, and then repent later for want of shade.

A few more trees will be felled as the work on RoB would commence near Gogte circle, but there is no option there, but in cases where a tree could be saved must be saved, and by all means the tree at Hutatma circle could have been saved.

We should realise that concrete structures can be built and destroyed in days but to raise a plant into a tree will take many years. Huge trees which are very old should be preserved.

3 thoughts on “Tree felled for beautification What kind of Beautification is this ?”

  1. A Simple Question for the Planning Authorities or the concerned authorities.
    Will you chop off trees / Plantations from your Home Garden???
    or if someone comes and asks you to Chop the Trees & plantations which you have grown in your Home Garden, will you Chop it happily????????
    I bet you “Dont have that GUTS to do this”.
    Then how come you can easily destroy the environment without any proper Planning.
    Are you the Owner of these trees, or are your ancestors the owner of these trees???
    Come on Authorities, show some maturity !!! We are in the 21st Century and in this age we definitely require Greenery for our present & future generations. Don’t just erect Concrete structures & destroy environment for the sake of MONEY.
    You will realize one day, that the money which you earned by carrying out such activities will never be able to give you 1 drop of water / food at your end time. You will definitely realize this, but TIME will be passed and you can do anything.

  2. Now a days, Belgaum is Fools Paradise of Govt officials.
    without understanding the environmental balance, the beautiful environmental climate is getting spoiled by new comers.
    now it is high time to get out this concrete jungle.


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