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Tree uprooted on Congress Road

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An old tree uprooted last night at around 1 am and blocked the entire one side of the road. The tree an old one fell exactly opposite Madiwale Buildings on Congress road (near Nanawadi cross).

Till morning no one had come to clean up, the locals residing nearby were cutting the tree and taking away the wood for use as fire wood.

Photos by Shreyash([email protected])


5 thoughts on “Tree uprooted on Congress Road”

  1. I was present there after the incident occurred. The local residing nearby were chopping the tree and taking the woods for use as firewood. Well the road was also not blocked. We asked localites bout the incident.. They said no one was injured.

  2. As i was present there with my friends after the incident occurred around 2.30am. actually this incident has taken place around 12.30 am. But the local residing were chopping the tree an takin woods for there use. But those people didn’t even try to alert forest department or police. an didn’t even block the road to avoid accidents.

    i and my friends have done our duty by blocking the road from one side. an keeping the vehicals away from the tree…

  3. That time one police man also pass from there but he didn’t stop an ask about the incident or try to divert the vehical to other side.
    that means they don’t know there responesblities.


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