Where is this in town

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Where is this in town?

img_3504img_3505This is indeed the Railway Station of Belgaum in which there is this monument type erected which reminds us of the visit of Mahatma Gandhi to our town.

This is still there in the centre of the parking area and hoefully will be there once the renovation work of the whole station is complete. The railways should renovate this also as a part of the renovation process.

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  1. Well Its Railway Station… Just been last night wid ma frnds(2AM)… While comin back to home… seen a tree had fallen on congress road…. and the road was blocked….

  2. Dear Editor,

    This was an old cement placard outside Belgaum Rly Station,in which there was a fountain. After rennovation this placard was demolished and same has been converted into parking area (Circulating area).

    – S.M. NAIK-

  3. Its the Memorial Stone at Belgaum Railway Station,it is bulit in memory of our Mahatma Gandhji who had visited Belgaum during the Pre-Independence period of our nation.


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