Truck crushes one person

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A truck crushed a person to death at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle in the morning.

Sukumar Ashok Jinagound(39) from Khanapur taluka was on his morning walk when a truck ht him and ran over his head near the circle.


He died on the spot and the truck driver has been taken into custody and is identified as Malikarjun Parit of Hukkeri.

5 thoughts on “Truck crushes one person”

  1. Have seen college buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles driving insanely in the morning when traffic lights are blinking yellow i.e. before 8 am. They need to have cops to ticket such rash driving. Sadly an avoidable incident.

  2. Theses guys need to be imprisoned for rash driving. Also at every 10 feet speed breakers should be made.
    Althought it sounds wierd but to make people learn the traffic its very important to make these speed breakers.


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