Two lives claimed by sand crisis

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The ban on sand mining and its transportation has left thousands of construction workers jobless and now has claimed the lives of two masons who were unable to afford their medical expenses, at Turmuri village in Belgaum taluk.

Both brothers identified as Kenchappa Basawant Korde (35) and his younger brother Bharma Basawant Korde (30) who were masons and had a decent livelihood. But in the past 3 months with no job at hand both the brothers were in financial difficulties after loosing their job.

Construction work at most places is at a stand still due to non availability of sand and the prices of sand have skyrocketed to 33,000 per truck from the 3000-4000 per truck.

Kenchappa, whose wife passed away about an year ago, is survived by two children, a seven-year-old and an 18-month-old baby. Bharma, who was in the same situation as his brother, passed away on September 28.

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  1. what the government is doing, is it just that ki they want to impose more burden on common ppl, at least after claiming two lives the government should do something so that the construction work in the city starts again and the thousands of labours sitting can earn thr livelihood and officials instead of making money just concentrate on the sand mafia factor and just see that the sand mining is done in legal ways and it wont be kinda burden on the common man…


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