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Two siblings electrocuted

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By Rupa

Saturday afternoon was a very dreadful afternoon for all those who witnessed two little kids suffer electric shock in Vadgoan area. Two siblings (Swapna and Pavan Prajapati) were at play after school and the elder sister (Swapna) happened to contact 1100 volts wire with an iron rod and the brother to rescue his sister too suffered injuries. The injuries suffered by the both the siblings were very dreadful. Swapna lost her life in this incident and her loving younger lost his limbs and is handicapped for lifetime now.

This was a very touching incident as the two little ones were just not aware of the hazards. One small mistake/ignorance and the children paid the cost for life. Is there anyone accountable and responsible for such mishaps????

We know, such accidents are across the world but the rate of such accidents is too high in India. Two to three years ago, a 2 year old child fell in a water tank of his own neighbor in Vadgaon area. This incident took place during Ganapati Festival. I remember whole night the family members kept on hunting for the child but could not find him. Due to the loud music of a Sarvajanik Ganapati Mandal in the same lane, nobody could hear the child screaming for his life and early morning when the neighbour woke up to check water supply, she found the child floating.

Every year there is one or two deaths where children die due to electric shocks, fall from terrace, fall in open water tanks, fall in pits dug for a borewell in Belgaum. Are the parents at fault by letting their child play??? As a parent this has been a very triggering issue to me. All child psychologists/consultants suggest, we need to encourage outdoor games. But how and where should we send our children to play????

After this recent incident, I am now consciously looking out for all the electric wires in the areas I pass through and to my surprise, there are so many buildings which are just one arm distance away from these high tension wires. Just a metallic scale out of window and the death is waiting.

I cannot mend the past but we can definitely safeguard our future. It is very true that concealed wiring is the need of an hour but will the Hescom take this incident seriously and implement the necessary changes???

With such horrifying incidents taking place time and again, awareness programs are the need of an hour. I request the Belgaumites not to forget this accident just as we did in past but start educating the little one’s around you on safety measures.

Its time when schools need to include the chapter of safety measures in their curriculum where they need to train on how to rescue once trapped. I know this is difficult but not impossible. In fact in all the developed countries the curriculum for KG students includes the measures for safety.

Request to all the parents:

  1. Please make sure you choose a house on rent after considering all these factors as the children in the recent incident of electric shock were in a rented house recently shifted and the child who lost his life in watertank in Vadgaon also was on rent.
  2. Please do not be greedy for one extra room of 10×10 feet. Compromise this for safety. Follow the set back rules, which seem to be vanishing these days.
  3. Encourage joint families as the elders in family enjoy guarding their grand children.
  4. Train your child for rescue measures. Instruct him to rush for help if any of his friends is trapped in danger rather than attempting to safeguard himself.
  5. Train your kids to stay away from electric appliances, wires hanging around. If possible get them concealed or cover them for safety.
  6. Train them to use a piece of log or bamboo if his/her friend is trapped in danger of shock and NOT to go close to that person. The younger brother in Saturday’s incident committed this mistake and lost his limbs.
  7. Stay away from cooking gas areas (especially working parents). Train your kids to smell methane and let them know the first things to do, such as, switch off lights, open windows and rush for any elder around immediately.
  8. DO NOT KEEP any tanks open. Please request your neighbours also cover them. In case your neighbours are adamant, please don’t think on spending a very little amount for the safety of your children when you are not around.
  9. DO not keep any metal on Terrace.
  10. Make sure your house has a long piece of log/bamboo always around and handy so that you save time during emergency.

Believe us rescue measures are very important for the children to know when your Government has very little to do for you.

Once again I request one and all who are reading this write up, please do not let this accident be one amongst the past events.

Nothing is precious than your little one.

Our heartfelt condolence to the family who lost their daughter in the accident and may god shower courage in young Pavan to accept and live with his disability!!!

4 thoughts on “Two siblings electrocuted”

  1. Thank you for posting this article. I'm very sorry to hear this and about all the other accidents.
    I pray to God to give strength to the family who is suffering from such a great loss.

  2. d scenery dat took place in our hospital was horrible… I've never seen such and incident… Thanks for for making a advice tag 2 all d parents..
    Life is single.. Life is precious.. Take care..

  3. Dr. Chaitanya are you with KLE ? Can you followup on howz Pavan responding to treatment… may be all of us can do something for him to motivate.. I viewed him on TV.. He is a very active chap .. if possible pls share the details with us ..


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