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Ankit Fadia to visit GIT

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Ankit Fadia a renowned computer security and digital intelligence consultant from California, USA better known for his commendable intelligence in ethical hacking is visiting Gogte Institute of Technology on 28th September 2011 for a live seminar and demonstration on Hacking;

Department of Management Studies (MBA) and Research at GIT will host the session to be conducted by Ankit Fadia, who enjoys the dignity as the most sought after name in the technological community owing to his prudence in the field of digital intelligence, security consultancy and training, also for having delivered 1000+ talks in more than 25 countries worldwide and authored several books on hacking Internationally acclaimed as best sellers.Ankit Fadia

His session at GIT shall entail a live demonstration on hacking coupled with live seminar, the event promises to provide valuable insights in the form of protective tips against hacking, secrets of preserving confidential data, key routes to trace cyber crime, further the session shall also help you to answer some of the following questions.

1.How to protect your bank accounts from being wiped out by a criminal?

2.Want to know how criminals break into mobile phones, ATM machines and Laptops?

3.How to prevent password cracking?

The session shall be an eye opener and an attempt to counter the flip side of this fast moving IT era, computer and Internet though almost inevitable these days, can also pose a possible threat at times, interested candidates can register with Prof. Govindraj Mane – 9449751007 or mail to [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Ankit Fadia to visit GIT”

  1. he is not hacker or anything , in his manipal university seminar , some guys of university showed him loop hole in his own website n hacked his website infornt of him n inserted custom code to redirect to Manipal university website .and then he started blaming this on his hosting company n designing comapny. and @ vally view manipal ,he is talking about decades old tricks but he is unable to protect his own website.

    and he n his team threaten that guys from legal way or by court,

  2. Most of his claims are false. its going to be just another bullshit seminar. like pavani said he could not even secure his own site several times and preaching about security. even his books are crap you get better things online


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