ANAM PREM a gathering of speech and hearing Impaired children

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Mahatama Gandhi used to observe silence (Maun) on every Monday and to keep silent for an entire day is not easy. But what about those who are always silent and cant hear or speak. Life is entirely different for them.

Keeping the same in mind ANAM PREM a special gathering of children who are speech and hearing Impaired has been organized on October 2 at Mahaveer Bhavan from 10 am to 1pm.

The main aim of Anam Prem is to create awareness about these disability and at the same time get these children into the main stream of life among with others.

This would be for the first time that such an event is being organized in Belgaum and the many children would be here in Belgaum for the first time.

A trophy for those who can best express themselves and communicate what they gathered from messages of the judges to the other individuals is installed. What was meant will have to be expressed and the judges will evaluate that what was expressed was meant. Such a competition will be the first of its kind as it is envisioned that the habitants from the other planets will be visiting this Earth in a foreseeable future. For this, faculty of expression without the aid of language will have to be developed. Hence, this trophy is the first attempt for communication with other souls. Last year Trophies – ‘Prasad~ ‘Niyaz~ ‘Communion’ will be awarded to participant teams. A Major portion of the prize money will go to their respective schools.

Do attend – there will be no fees for participation; every thing will be in fraternal love.

Hear and see the light within. We should not be deaf and dumb towards the Deaf and Dumb. Let us cover and blanket them with our affinity and love and live a little elevated and composite and an all-embracing life.

For details contact Salil Samant: 7676626474

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