Two sisters die in accident on Congress road


In a heart breaking incident two sisters Pratiksha Bharatsing Purohit(13)  and Akanksha Bharatsing Purohit (15) both of MVM school studying in 7th and 8th standard were killed when their bike was hit by a oil tanker on Congress road near More Store. They were residents of Swami Vivekananda Colony Tilakwadi. purohit-accident-belagavi-school-kids

Two sisters die in accident on Congress road Belagavi
The tanker which hit the Bike

Both the sisters were going to tutions sources said.
The fell down after their bike was struck and the impact was direct on their head which was fatal. Sources said one died on the spot while another died on the way to the hospital in an Auto.
both were taken to the Civil hospital in a car and an auto which were stopped by the citizens at the spot.


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  1. very sad
    but First thing why were they driving bike ?
    and another too much freedom from parents
    belgaum vehicle riders especially coming daily from villages are very rash drivers
    they have to be booked first
    they zig zag like any thing
    thet dont want to loose any one second as if they will earn more than tata or birla

  2. very very sad incident is se bura aur kya ho sakta he bhawan dono bahano ki aatma ko shanti pradaan kare

  3. Bhagwan ne bahot hi bura kiya he is se bura aur kya ho sakta he bhagwan unki atma ko shanti pradaan kare

  4. Very sad ,being a resident of Tilakwadi we see almost every day minor and major accidents because after closing first gate people have to use the crossroads between second gate till milatary Mahadev which are dangerous for two wheelers as drivers of cars and trucks do not follow the speed limit on the road and it becomes difficult to cross the road even for experienced drivers of 2 wheelers .This strech is used by people of all walks of life from children to students to penshioners to office goers.First gate should be opened for some time in the morning during school time and in the evening also for some time and police should supervise this.Closing has affected all residents in the neighbourhood,because we have to cross first gate for all basic necessities.second gate is another story with luxury buses and trucks allowed.Totally this matter has to viewed seriously and see that there is no repeatition of what happened.Even parents should not allow their underage children to drive on belgaums most dangerous road.

  5. Firstly, parents and secondly and most importantly govt is to blame for such incidents; they have to be very strict in first place. They are worried about making helmet compulsory, but…for some time, not permanently(which is very much needed)…they are not worried about bikers using cellphones while on the go…they are not worried about rash/reckless bike riders…not worried about toooo much overloaded trucks, wherein they carry around 2-3 truck’s load in one truck…all this has to be monitored rigorously by the authorities; levying a heavy fine to get hold of bikers without helmet, using cellphones, underage riders, overloaded trucks, etc….just HEAVY FINE will do…if the authorities are strict, everything will be right in place. A rigorous and strict drive by the cops, on a weekly or fortnightly basis for around 6 months will bring the change. LET US ALL TOGETHER BECOME SMART CITIZENS BEFORE THE CITY BECOMES SMART.

  6. Its really sad, but I have come across many times that this bull shit Oil Tanker Drivers Drive their Vehicle recklessly without caring for other road users.In fact this bloody Guys ferry a lot of people from & in an around of Belgaum ( Specially in Morning Hours) in their Cabin thus becoming more frustrated as this Drivers have to drop this people on time as most of this people work in and around Udhyambag. This apart from pick up / delivery of their actual goods.
    Its high that looking at the traffic of City,The Govt. should consider of a Ring Road or at the least construct flyovers and allow heavy vehicles to pass through this flyovers.

  7. Oil tanker was on his way. No issues.
    1st of all chidrens should not given bike. 2nd one they were crossing from wrong side to avoid long turn.
    To avoid this type of accidents in future 1st gate barricades should be removed.

  8. Comment: it sad to khnw about the death of two sister at a very pain ful for the mother .but one thng should be noticed that the new generation are not borthered of their own life .we all thnk after an incident happen to us i request the goverment to have a strict rules nd regulation.the fine is nt enough a punishment is needed nd the police should do their duty ..most riders ,ride vechicle in mrng nd night rather it mostly found in streets .were the public think no police ,we can drive.

  9. Very sad .. May the departed soul rest in peace and May God give strength to their family to bear this loss.

    Parents have to be sensible enough and not allow their kids to ride bikes till they are above the permissible age and till they get to know the road sense. Wearing helmet have to be made compulsory by the parents and not by the law.

    Looking at the accident spot pictures which I received from my friends, the injury is only on the head and this fatal death could have been averted if they would have their helmets on.

  10. Following yesterday’s unfortunate fatal accident, some people have broken open the barricades at the 1st Gate. This morning, I watched many two-wheelers and four-wheelers use that gap to go in the wrong direction to cross the gate, without any care in the world – creating more dangerous situation.

    When I stopped some of them and asked why they go on the wrong side, each of them , without fail, said ‘sorry’ but continued on. With this public attitude, God save us….Some consolation that no one asked me back ‘ why you are bothered’…

    One Update: Fortunately for us and thanks to swift police action, the barricades have been put back!!!

    • No one is blaming anyone,but everyone feels that if the parents had not given them the bike this would have not happened, please don’t give in to yours children’s demands, the roads are not safe, people go on wrong side of the road don’t follow any traffic rules which causes these accidents. I really feel very sorry for the parents who have lost 2 sweet girls again to an accident, may their soul rest in peace

  11. In my opinion the parents need to be blamed and not alone the heavy vehicle driver,the girl who was riding the vehicle is below the age as defined by law for obtaining the authentic licence.the children in this age do not have the maturity nor the knowledge of traffic laws.i have due sim pathy to the parents they have to repent for their mistake

  12. It is very unfortunate incident. The children RIP. Let almighty give courage to Parents of the children, on irreparable Loss. Just because children were not having license does not mean the Other motorists should drive vehicles with such a speed to endanger the lives of others and themselves.
    The district Administration along with Police/RTO and other departments concerned should enforce the Ban on Heavy Vehicles within City during fixed time. The Orders should not be just on Paper. The Govt. should also give sufficient Staff to the Departments requirement, to enforce the Law & Order. The parents should not give vehicles to the children. Children should also need to listen to the Parents and School Teachers advice.

  13. It is sad to hear the loss of two young children in this tragic accident. My condolences to the bereaved family. People need to be careful on these dicey roads, it is usually a death-trap. Authorities do nothing.

  14. My condolences go to the bereaved family. Young innocent lives lost. As a parent I understand this loss. I do not know who is to be blamed. A warning to the young children, take care. May their souls rest in peace.

  15. Its the parents who are to be blamed.. is this the age to give a vehicle in your child’s hand… why blame the government… each one of us has to follow the rules and regulations… they are for our safety… each individaul has to make efforts to build a better nation… smart city hum logonse banta hai..

  16. Let the soul of blooming buds rest in peace.

    Dear People ,
    Just don’t comment on banning heavy vehicles, irresponsibility of administration, rules & regulations etc.

    please think how responsibility we are in our daily matters where we follow the rules & regulations.

    Banning heavy vehicle, that’s point everyone raise , if you ban then how will you meet your daily needs?

    > why don’t you start being change by not using your vehicles for short distance ,
    > give your children’s bicycle to travel to school college market etc ,
    >Why don’t you use public means of transport
    >Why don’t you raise your voice when you find someone parking at no-parking zone
    > why don’t you complain when you find someone driving rash
    … on

    Citizens raise your voice for your own betterment & society’s betterment .

    Not only on social media but also in reality.

    Begin the Change.

  17. Firstly they were minors who had had no right to be riding without a license or a helmet. Belgaum is very backward in terms of traffic sense. It is chaos on every street everyday. This should have been reason enough for the parents to stop letting kids ride.
    I have seen teens and college kids and even adults riding carelessly in Belgaum. This has to change. If you point out a mistake, they take offense. It’s a behavior with people. It’s high time the cops acted, but before that, the people need to respect their own lives as well as those of others.

    • Rightly said Pavan sir. Minors have no right to ride a vehicle. We talk about corruption free country and we allow our kids to go and break the law. No parents have ever taught their kids about the traffic rules. Children demand bike and they fulfill their demand as if they are the world’s best parents. Please teach traffic rules to your kids and please please please ask them to be safe and go with the minimum speed.

  18. Its the parents who are to be blamed… is this the age to give a vehicle in your child’s hand… there is no point in blaming the government…. each citizen of our country should follow rules and regulations… they are made for our safety…we each one of us have to contribute to build a better nation…

  19. Whom to blame, parents showing carelessness by giving bike to their children, or children who are below 18 and does not know the traffic rules at all or a truck driver who knows the traffic rules, but then too they are driving rash in the city…..we cannot pinpoint to anyone of them……at last it’s a disaster…….R.I.P.

  20. Ohhh really upsetting !!! Condolences for their Family.
    The Blame depends on the actual situation what happened at the time of accident.
    But really I feel sorry for the Roads planning of our city.
    “There is no space even to walk on the road side, forget about the vehicles. The only thing we find is DIVIDERS on one side & hawkers / parked vehicles on the other”.
    I don’t know how the road Planning dept works with such stupidity of just putting a divider in the middle of the road irrespective if the road is broad or not.

  21. Have anybody made driving licence without agent. whether 2,3,4 or 6 wheelers what answer will get?
    The heavy plantation growth on divider which unable to see crossing vehicle when u pass from divider to up coming road.

  22. As per my experience when I m going with my childrens heavy vehicles are so fast on the road really I get scared & I blaming to the government that why they allowed the heavy vehicles on the city ? it is like our life is in our hand.

  23. Some ppl opposes to wear helmate fr back seater also bt in such situation helmate may protect them. Every traffic rule of govt is to save our lives nly. Atleast better to learn from such incident ,RIP .

  24. Heavy vehicles should not be allowed in the city, as dist administration is responsible for such type of incidents. In spite of the dist. administration orders and not implimented by police Dept and R T O Dept. Belgaum. This is total failure of the dist.Administration. PARENTS MUST TAKE CARE , NOT ALLOW THEIR CHILDRENS TO DRIVE THE VEHICLES ON MAIN HEAVY TRAFFIC ROUTES.

  25. Mistake are from both side RTO and children driving bike ! This incidence must lead to some implementation of new rules for borh! Nowdays parents also dont know how to take care of childrens…..they just say everything what kid says I feel the RTO of Belgaum is worst in the state,should improve it ! Hope helmet is made compulasary ! RIP! Learn lesson from this !

  26. very sad to hear the news… there should be strict rules for heavy vehicles. its an unfortunate incident and my god give courage to their parents and relatives to bear the loss..

  27. How many more deaths? when is d world going to slow down and enjoy life, instead of honking and speeding and scaring people on the streets? nobody is scared with these daily dose of deaths on our streets.
    what is wrong with the youngsters? where are they heading at this speed? what happens to the parents, who are left in the lifelong misery, for whom their own life will be a burden.
    All need to come together and save our future.

  28. parents are responsible for this incident. after so many incident why people dont understand . Just 13 & 15 years of age children riding bike really dangerous. Police should take strict action against parents when under 18 age riders caught red hand.

  29. Obviously driving without licence. That is wrong. No overspeeding, no overtaking from left side,no high beam lights,patience while driving,following rules strictly,strict implementation of rules by police,scientifically correct and good road conditions,alternate roads such as ring road for heavy vehicles and so many other things one can think of to prevent such tragedies.I hope the public,parents, and administration wakes up to these needs of the hour.

  30. Why should we blame government parents are also responsible for giving these kids a bike knowing they are minor I think parents are reponsible and these tankers should be fined heavy penalty and drivers license should be cancelled

  31. Feeling disgusted by the comments the BELAGAVians have left here… Instead of giving condolence people are blaming the parents… What if they were your kids. Would you have said the same. Would you have said “okay! it’s my fault. I gave my kid the bike at an early age.”
    People, if any is to be blamed, it is the administration first.
    Ask them why haven’t they imposed no entry for heavy vehicles throughout the day?? Why heavy vehicles are allowed in the city before 10pm??

    • Who gave vehicle to 15 and 13-year old ? Is it not parents. Were their parents with them when they were riding. I will never condole this irresponsible behaviour. Whatspp generation without thinking ability commenting on matter of life. People taking pride when their minor children ride vehicle without license. Had they worn helmets, did they have license, did they have capability to stop in case of emergency braking.

      Blame Administration, Blame CM, Blame PM.

  32. Usually all these oil tankers have a race. Accidents do happen when they drive very rashly. Kids below 18 should not be allowed to ride vehicles

    • Yes they have a race, when you do not have supply of petrol at fuel pump you will shout at pump attendant, they have target.

  33. Is ds a smart city!! Where the goverment has no control over safety of vehicle riders!! Bulshit thirdclass city it shud b rated as vd a thirdclass goverment managing it vd lots of lives put at stake, the rule of sandeep patil as SP was a remarkable one one shud follow o improve dt rather dn blamin anyone loss of young life, heavy loss to parent, heaviest, loss to d nation.

  34. First ,it is the parents who are to be blamed,who have no control on their children and feel excited to hand over the vehicle to the child. It is no achievement if your child has learned to drive a vehicle.A child cannot take right decisions . Seeing one child doing it other child also tries to do the same. It is a shame ,we call ourselves educated when we cannot control our children. Earlier one tight slap from the parent /a teacher was sufficient to bring the child to his senses.

  35. Citizens should be blamed…. first they allow children below 18 to ride bikes, secondly we don’t bother to wear helmets… you can see in this above picture… guy on dio is not wearing helmet… and all those riders who ride their bike as if they are on a race trac…..

    Its our duty to follow the rules.. not to blame govt. on all the matters…

  36. We should blame the girls or truck driver depending on whose mistake it was and who was driving rashly. You obviously can’t blame the government for allowing heavy vehicles

    • Hello…its wrong for someone who doesnt have a licence to ride a two wheeler…its irresponsible…whatvhas heavy vehicles in the city or out off the city have to do with anything…plz stop making things difficult for others by blaming the trucks or the government…

    • Those who blame truck drivers should be sent to drive the vehicle for one week in city traffic, then they will know their real efforts.

  37. These oil tankers are always speeding after loading,as they want to reduce evaporation of diesel and petrol,two years back i was learning car driving on bagalkot road and a rash truck driver honked horn continously and overtook us and abused us,our instructor chased him and we caught him near sambra and all citizens thought him nice lesson,and handed him to police.
    But now also i find so much speeding tankers on bagalkot road everyday.

  38. Who should be blamed..parents who gave them bike…government who allows heavy vehicles or we who sit like a blind?

    • Hello…its wrong for someone who doesnt have a licence to ride a two wheeler…its irresponsible…whatvhas heavy vehicles in the city or out off the city have to do with anything…plz stop making things difficult for others by blaming the trucks or the government…


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