UDAN 3.0 results today 5 PM

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UDAN 3.0 results will be announced on 25/01/2019 at 5 PM in presence of Hon’ble Minister, Civil Aviation in New Delhi.

The government has received bids for 111 proposals which include operations of seaplanes in the third round of auction for the regional air connectivity UDAN 3 scheme from 15 airlines.

With regards to Belagavi 17 routes have got Financial Bids but Bengaluru, Mumbai,  and Chennai are missing from the list which is disheartening.

udanUnder the scheme, 50 percent seats in aeroplanes are offered at concessional rates to passengers.
In case of these seats remaining vacant, the Centre and the respective state offer subsidy in the form of Value Gap Funding (VGF) to the airline company to compensate for the loss.
As part of this scheme, no other airline is allowed to operate that particular route, thus protecting the business interest of the operating company.
The VGF in tickets is shared by the Centre (80 per cent) and the state (20 per cent).

The financial bid received for 17 routes –

Belagavi to Surat
Belagavi to Kishangarh (Ajmer)
Belagavi to Vadodara
Belagavi to Jodhpur
Belagavi to Jaipur
Belagavi to Tirupati
Belagavi to Ahmedabad
Belagavi to Hindan (Delhi)
Belagavi to Mangalore
Belagavi to Pune
Belagavi to Ozar (Nasik)
Belagavi to Nagpur
Belagavi to Indore
Belagavi to Hyderabad
Belagavi to Kadappa
Belagavi to Mysuru
Belagavi to Cochin

According to sources Belagavi could get at least 10 routes which could include Mysuru, Kishangarh (Ajmer), Hindan (Delhi), Pune, Ozar (Nasik), Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Surat.

5 thoughts on “UDAN 3.0 results today 5 PM”

  1. Its a shame that under the Udan Scheme, there are no flights listed from Belgavi to Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Delhi. At least, we are glad that flights will be taking off from Belgavi to several other places.

  2. Hello,
    Really disheartening to see bangalore, mumbai and chennai is missing form the list. These roots have always above 80 percent of passenger load. Not sure how many days the airline will sustain with above routes even though it is under UDAN. As passenger load factor matters for business.

    Hope other airline should grab this opportunity for mumbai and chennai routes. They will make profit even though if they are not under UDAN .

  3. Many folks are interested in the Mumbai-Belgaum-Mumbai & vice versa routes which are missing.
    Secondly, when do they go into effect?
    My cousin, a citizen of Canada is eager to know. He visits India primarily to end his journey in Belgaum

  4. Only reason..?
    Airport team Rajesh mourya & Suresh Angandi …both of not done prpoer work that’s reason..tdy Bangalore Delhi Chennai missing UDDAN’s very shame ..

    Star air they hve personally decided..route ..wat is ur efforts tell me…? Bangalore is means wat …45 minutes journey consider UDDAN RCS routes…!!!

    Simply telling we done this ..?

    Load factor less ..cmpy will start we stop..

    Bangalore, Bombay Delhi always busy route’s …??????!?


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