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Ukadicha modak now delivered to your home


Preparing that perfect ukadiche modak is a high art indeed as well as a labour of love. It is the original gourmet tradition, steeped in history and rooted in local ethos, demanding from the chef that perfect mix of skill and experience to say nothing of relentless commitment.
Not everyone can prepare it but all want to engulf into the zeal of the wonderful taste.

modak-ukidiche belagavimodak-ukidicheHence this startup Hangry Oye has started a new concept to deliver Home made Modaks to your home.
They are already over booked for September 17 but you can make your bookings from delivery September 18 onwards.

vega spaces belagavi

They are offering three varieties of modaks.

1. Steamed /modaks with fresh coconut and jaggery filling.
2. Fried Modaks with dried coconut filling.
3. Chocolate Modaks.

You can call +91 9916 0289 81 or +91 9886 5981 38



  1. My favorites…!
    We make similar modaks at home.
    But what does ‘ukadicha’ mean. Is it some seed.? Never heard about it.
    Can someone explain pls. ?


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