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Undertake work on RoB at 3rd gate only after Gogte Circle RoB is operational -Citizens Council

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The Citizens Council today met the Regional Commissioner, P A Meghannavar and requested the administration that the work on the RoB at 3rd gate must be undertaken only after the Gogte Circle RoB is made operational.

Suresh Angadi has recently announced that he will do the Bhoomi puja for the same on October 15.

The Memorandum said,

Looking to the overall condition and keeping in view of Doubling line and electrification of Railways project the South Western Railway Department has announced the Construction of New Railway Over bridge in place of traditional Level Crossing in the city which we really welcome.

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Expected Effect On Traffic After Closing Third Railway Gate For Construction.

At present the Belagavi is going through the transforming phase of development. At present the existing 110 years main vein of our city Belagavi ie. Gogte Circle ROB is under construction and as per media reports and looking to the work in progress and the deadline of March 2019 given to the contractor we feel that if we initiate the work of third railway gate ROB the City of Belagavi will be fully paralyzed.

The existing ROB near Railway Station which is under construction is the prominent joining vein of the citizens and helpful for the public at large to connect south to north of Belagavi with a minimum time span. Accordingly, Old Dharwad Road Tanaji Galli, Kapileshwar ROB,1st , 2nd and 3rd Railway gates are also act as a connecting ways which joins the city from south to north. Goodshed road is also used by two wheelers frequently.

At present, the daily Train traffic which passes through the city is around 27 trains a day on an average. Accordingly, the most of the Railway gates are closed during the peak hours of the day creating traffic condition to its worst and causes congestion.

After the closer of ROB near Railway station for construction, for last one year, the citizens have no other option left than to rely upon these Railway Gates to ply from one place to other in the city.

At present Goods Shed is located near the Railway Station which is in the heart of the city and more than 50 trucks on an average daily basis loads and unloads.

Even the city buses will also have to depend upon these gates for passenger transit. Currently, more than 60 plus rounds of Bus frequency is available for Vadagaon, Shahapur, Tilakwadi, Angol, Yellur, Chanamma Nagar, Machee etc.

In the evening and morning, more than 35 Pvt Luxury Buses enters Shahapur, Govaves, Angol, Tilakwadi area for collecting and dropping passengers.

As per the RTO records and statistics, Belagavi is having more than 7500 Autos Rikshaw which are serving the citizens day and night.

The south of Belagavi is totally depend on North zone as the North zone is a Commercial Hub of Belagavi.

More than 11 theaters are the means of entertainment for the citizens of Belagavi.

Belagavi is having four major Vegetable markets and two Fish markets in the north zone .

As per the current census total population of Belagavi is more than 7 lakhs. Out of which 30% are Senior citizens.

The biggest Industrial estate ie. Udyambag and Mache are located after 3rd railway Gate.

In short maximum, residential and commercial zones are in east zones of railway gates and industrial estates are in west Zones.

Belagavi doesn’t have any Ring Road and the NH 4 a passes exactly in between the city attracting passing traffic throughout the day.

At present, for last one year many fatal accidents occured due to heavy traffic on Congress Road.

At present 1st Railway gate and 2nd Railway, Gate are made one way and the 3rd Railway gate serves both the ways.

Sir, Looking to the above major points it is clear that after the closer of Third Railway Gate for construction of ROB before completing ROB at Railway Station, our City of Belagavi will face a tremendous hindrances or problems making it difficult for the Citizens to move from one place to others.

3 thoughts on “Undertake work on RoB at 3rd gate only after Gogte Circle RoB is operational -Citizens Council”

  1. Take up the work at 3rd railway gate without any hurdles at traffic.It can be arranged as already road is wide enough at both sides of line.

  2. March 2019 is the deadline for the railway over bridge? It’s already so delayed. Why can’t they just hurry it up! They will take 2-3 more years more for third gate over bridge!


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