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Unfortunate Incident: One of the Cows Trapped in Pipeline Trench dies

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In a distressing turn of events, one of the two cows found itself trapped deep within a collapsed trench on Ganeshpur Road Belagavi this morning. The trench had been dug alongside the road for the purpose of laying a water pipeline, as part of an ongoing project near Military Farm by L & T for its 24 x 7 water supply.

The construction work for the pipeline has been underway for some time now, with deep trenches being dug and pipes being laid. Unfortunately, the trenches had not been properly covered as the work was still in progress.

As a result, two unsuspecting cows fell into the hazardous open ditch. Upon receiving information about the incident, a group of individuals, including Santosh Darekar, Naresh Niljakar, Avadhoot Tudvekar, Saurabh Sawant, Varun Karkhanis, and Atish Dhatombe, rushed to the scene to provide assistance. These brave workers quickly devised a plan, attaching ropes to the trapped cows and utilizing a JCB to pull them out of the deep furrow.

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Military personnel and police were present during the rescue operation. Regrettably, one of the cows, having endured severe injuries and a prolonged period of entrapment, did not survive. The deceased cow was respectfully cremated in an open space adjacent to the road, with traffic police officer Sridhar Kutoli overseeing the last rites.

The incident has sparked anger among passersby, who are demanding that the contractor responsible for the pipeline installation take necessary precautions and implement proper barricades around the trenches along the road.

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