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Tourists stopped by RPF from visiting Dudhsagar waterfalls

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A massive crowd of tourists was held back at Dudhsagar railway station this morning, as they eagerly awaited their visit to the renowned Dudhsagar waterfalls. Unfortunately, entry to the waterfalls has been temporarily prohibited due to the heavy rainfall and train operations.

The South Western Railway (SWR) took to Twitter to address the situation, urging tourists to appreciate the breathtaking beauty of Dudhsagar waterfalls from the comfort of their train coaches. They emphasized the dangers of walking on or along the tracks, not only jeopardizing their own safety but also violating Sections 147 and 159 of the Railway Act. Furthermore, such actions could potentially endanger the safety of the trains themselves. The SWR strictly prohibited passengers from disembarking at Dudhsagar or any other station along the Braganza Ghat. They kindly requested everyone’s cooperation in adhering to these rules, as they were implemented solely for the sake of their safety.

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The decision to restrict access to the falls was made by the railway authorities, prioritizing the safety of trekkers. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel were also present to enforce penalties on those who attempted to trespass. The ban on trekking towards the falls was imposed due to the hazardous conditions caused by the heavy rainfall.

It is crucial for everyone to cooperate and comply with the regulations in place, as they are designed to safeguard their safety.

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