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Unsung COVID Warrior refilled over 5000 Oxygen cylinders for free

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Since the beginning of the pandemic last year there have been unsung COVID warriors who have been doing their bit to help in these tough times.

A social worker-cum-entrepreneur in Belagavi has come to the rescue of critical Covid patients with respiratory issues who cannot afford or procure them.

The dearth of oxygen cylinders had allegedly claimed the lives of several Covid patients. Several NGOs and social workers started collecting oxygen cylinders for the needy. However, after they were utilized, refilling them became a challenge for them.


This is where Venkatesh Patil of Belgaum Oxygen Private limited in Kakti is not less than a place of worship for many who have survived this pandemic.

During the second wave currently, the country is reeling under tremendous pressure for the supply of oxygen and in Belagavi we have one company that has refilled over 5000 oxygen cylinders for free which the NGOs offer for free to the patients.

The man behind the efforts Venkatesh Patil has been helping the NGOs to refill the cylinders for free as he feels it is his duty to support the nation during this time of the pandemic. Patil has refilled them without charging a single rupee.

The staff at Belgaum Oxygen Private limited have also chipped in their bit working round the clock and assuring that the supply is not halted anytime and in turn, the patients survive.

Many of the NGO’s take cylinders and give them for free to the needy and hence Patil also feels it his duty towards the nation.

11 thoughts on “Unsung COVID Warrior refilled over 5000 Oxygen cylinders for free”

  1. W-O-W !!! Kudos to the these MEN OF The HOUR- Mr. V Patil and his brave men for the humanitarian work they are performing in refilling Oxygen cylinders for supply free to needy Covid-19 patients. The authorities,in turn, should now provide the requisite facilities to this company……….

  2. God bless you sir.
    You’ve got the prayers, tears of joy and relief of MANY people and trust that this good that you put for the lives of others will come back to you ten fold. You and your family are immensely blessed.

  3. Dear V K Patil ji,

    You deserve a big thanks for all of your selfless Service.

    Time to have people like you elected as MLA/MP.

  4. Life saving is an exercise in nation-building. Venkatesh Patil is showing the way. Hats off to the good Samaritan.


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