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Use of 60% Kannada in Shop signboards

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By uday

In accordance with a government circular, it is mandatory for all shops, frontages, and commercial complexes within Belagavi district/municipality to prominently display Kannada on their nameplates. Specifically, at least 60% of the total nameplate/signboard should be in Kannada.

Furthermore, it is essential to include “Belagavi” in the address. However, it has come to our attention that numerous entrepreneurs within the corporation have disregarded this requirement by using variations such as “Belgaum” or “Belagam” on their business nameplates. Shockingly, 60% of these establishments have failed to prioritize the use of the Kannada language on their nameplates said a release.

To address this issue, Belagavi Corporation Commissioner Ashoka Dudgunti has announced that licenses issued to such entrepreneurs will be revoked, and their shops will be closed or sealed. This strict action is necessary to ensure compliance with the government’s directive and to uphold the importance of the Kannada language.

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They have urged all business owners to promptly rectify any non-compliant nameplates and demonstrate their commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage of Belagavi through the use of Kannada. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in severe consequences, as outlined by the corporation.

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