Voice of Belgaum


After the avid success of AllAboutBelgaum.com, AAB and DotCord IT solutions have come together to float a new platform for the people of Belgaum.


The very name says it all, this will be a platform all Belgaumites to raise their voices on various matters on a single platform. We dont flatter ourselves with this, but we hope to get a platform where people will come and review, share and exchange their ideas.

What can be done on the site:

Reviews of various products and services

Business listing (will be launched shortly)

Discussion forums


Social networking with sharing of photos, videos, status updates etc.

and many more will added with time.

Now a question to everyones mind why another website, yes Voice of Belgaum in future can in real be the voice of people of Belgaum and time will come when all will have to adhere to this voice.
AAB and DotCord have joined hands in this case not for money, but to give Belgaumites a voice, a platform on which they can share what they feel and also at the same time come together for making a better Belgaum.


To get Instant and Live updates from AllAboutBelgaum please save this number 73386 16624 and send a msg on WhatsApp START AAB.


  1. incessant honking is the bane of our society. We have alll become so impatient that we even honk at the railway crossing gatemen to open up early. the honking starts as soon as the last bogie of the train is seen. can we have a remedy for this?

    • You are right Anil. The drivers/riders don't think at all. Nobody is bothered about the noise pollution. Nobody has patience. Actually production of these high decibel and fancy horns should be banned.


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