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VTU reduces fee for Photocopy of answer scripts

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With the introduction of new technologies in the University Examination Management System and also after the modification of Regulations, VTU reduces the fee for Photocopy of answer scripts keeping the affordability in mind.

In this process there is freedom for the students to apply for soft copy of answer scripts and Revaluation together OR only for Soft Copy of Answer Scripts OR Only for Revaluation, for any number of theory subjects. However, a student shall not apply for Soft Copy of answer scripts in the subjects other than theory subjects and for the answer scripts which include drawing sheets.

The soft copy will be supplied to the students through email within a week after the last date, so that the students can go through the answer script. If a student desires, he/she may submit his/her application for Revaluation, for which there will be a separate dates.

On receipt of the Soft Copy, a student can verify the Soft Copy of his/her answer script/s. If any question is not evaluated, then he/she may submit an application to the Registrar (Evaluation) requesting for valuation of unevaluated answer/s. There is no fee charged for this purpose.

Earlier, a student was supposed to spend Rs.900/- to get his one paper revalued. In this process photocopy was mandatory and the fee for which was Rs.500/-.

If a student wishes to apply for Revaluation only, he will pay a fee of Rs.400/- only instead of Rs.900/-.

If a student wants soft copy of answer scripts he/she has to pay Rs.300/-. Instead of Rs.500/- and then apply for Revaluation, if he/she wants to do so, with fee of Rs.400/-

This step taken by the University will reduce the financial burden on the students as well as make the process little faster than the earlier.

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